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Sportron is a wellness company making nutrition supplements and other health products using FoodState™ technology.

There are times in our lives we need to take a specific vitamin or mineral to help our bodies fight a condition or a disease. Having vitamins and minerals supplements in a more natural food-like state increases the body’s ability to absorb and use these nutrients better. Sportron in the UK has a wide range of nutritional products too which they apply the FoodState™ technology to improve absorption. Read below to see their catalogue of products available to buy.

Link Between Nutrition and Back Pain

Back and joint aches and pain are looked at from not only a mechanical viewpoint by your chiropractor, but also nutritionally. Poor nutrition can increase pain and severity of conditions of your body like osteo-arthritis, gout, high blood pressure and lots more.

Chiropractors may recommend you consider improving your current diet to something like the deflame diet, in order to improve your health and, if need, to supplement your diet with something like Sportron supplements.

Our poor choice of food sources can be a reason we don’t get enough essential vitamins and minerals into our bodies. It is becoming more important for us to consider supplements in our daily life to help maintain basic health levels, especially if we don’t eat a balanced healthy diet.

FoodState™ technology aims to concentrate micro-nutrients into food complexes. The technology is supported by independent research, including work by Nobel Prize winner, Dr Günter Blobel. Having FoodState™ form in the Sportron UK vitamin and mineral supplements allows up to 12x more bioavailable and up to 16x retained longer by the body. The bioavailability is so efficient that the products need only be taken in conservative amounts and not mega doses. This means amounts shown on the label of a Sportron UK supplement may look less than the recommended daily allowance (RDA).

Sportron, as mentioned earlier, has many products which can be bought directly through a Sportron representative or by clicking this link to buy Sportron UK products.

View some of the popular Sportron products below.

Sportron Supplement Product Catalogue

Below you will find some information on the most popular Sportron nutritional products.

1. Ultragard Forté

The Combination of Phytocology and FoodState® Technology. Ultragard Forté is considered to be the ultimate daily supplement available in the world. This highly advanced supplement combines both the FoodState™ and phytocology technologies in a single, powerful product. Ultragard Forté is a complete supplement providing the dosage of vitamins and minerals required by the body on a daily basis, ensuring that the body gets an optimum amount of nutrients in a form as close to nature as possible.

The three main functions of Ultragard Forté are:

* Protection – providing advanced nutrition to protect the body from the threat of disease.

* Maintenance – to ensure effective maintenance of health.

* Energy – to provide the body with nutrients that enable us to enjoy boundless energy.

Each two capsules contain:
FoodState® complex: Betacarotene (2.2mg active) 82mg, Vitamin D (2.5µg active) 103µg, Vitamin E 21mg, Vitamin C 123mg, Thiamin 3mg, Riboflavin 8mg, Niacinamide 37mg, Vitamin B6 5mg, Folic Acid (100µg active) 10mg,Vitamin B12 (0.5µg active) 103µg, Biotin 15mg, Pantothenic Acid 12mg, Calcium 185mg, Phosphorous 123mg, Iron (7.5mg elemental) 154mg, Magnesium 62mg, Zinc (2.5mg elemental) 51 mg, Iodine (75µg elemental) 5mg, Selenium (150µg elemental) 54mg, Potassium (3mg elemental) 62mg, Boron (0.5mg elemental) 52mg, Copper (0.25mg elemental) 26mg, GTF Chromium (25µg elemental) 13mg, Choline 10mg, PABA 10mg, Inositol 10mg, Molybdenum (15µg elemental) 8mg, Manganese 5mg.

Ultragard herbal blend: 200mg (Broccoli, Kale, Radish, Cat’s Claw, Chelidonia extract, Curcumin extract, Tomato, Carrot, Celery, Turmeric concentrate, Rosemary) Betatene 32mg (Betacarotene 2.3mg, Alphacarotene 72µg, Zeaxanthin 14.4µg, Cryptoxanthin 17.6µg, Lutein 11.2µg), Grape skin extract 50mg, Cabbage 30mg, Grape seed extract 20mg, Green Tea 20mg, Garlic 12.5mg, Seaweed 10mg, Lipoic Acid 5mg, Coenzyme Q10 2mg, Lycopene 2mg, Resveratrol 0.4mg.

2. Respitron

Respitron is a uniquely formulated dietary supplement designed to support the nutritional status of the respiratory system. Smoking, airborne pollution and poor dietary practices all play an active role in creating system disturbances, such as congested sinuses, hay fever, sneezing, & allergies.

Respitron can be taken by people who are experiencing disturbances of this nature in order to ensure that the body maximises its defence mechanisms. It comes in both a tablet and syrup form, which is easier for children. Respitron has a blend of herbs which have been shown to be beneficial on nasal congestion, sinusitis, headaches and coughs.

Tablets contain: Atractylodes, Angelica, Chaste tree, Chrysanthemum, Citrus peel, Codonopsis, Ledebouriella, Magnolia, Mint, Moutan, Perilla, Schizopeta.
Each 10ml syrup contains: Vitamin A (750µg RE) 2500iu, Vitamin D 250iu, Vitamin E 25iu, Vitamin C 50mg, Thiamine(Vitamin B1) 5mg, Riboflavin(Vitamin B2) 2mg, Vitamin B6 5mg, Vitamin B12 5µg, Pantothenic acid 5mg, Calcium 50mg, Magnesium 20mg, Zinc 2.5mg, Betacarotene 1500iu, Methyl Sulphonyl Methane 100mg, Pineapple extract 20mg, Histadine 20mg, Tyrosine 10mg, Chickweed 5mg, Licorice root 5mg, Echinacea 5mg, Quercetin 5mg, Garlic 0.04mg, Drosera 20µg, Hydrastis 20µg, Honey.

More Popular Sportron Products:

1. Ultragard Forte (Multi-Vitamin)
2. Omegatone (Omega Oils)
3. Melotone Syrup
4. Whizz Kids (Children Multi-vitamin)
5. A-Tron (Joint Support)
6. Ultravine super juice (Anti-Oxidant)
7. Calcitone 30’s or 60’s
8. Completron
9. Nasogard nasal spray (20ml)
10. Calcium Forté
11. C-Gard (vitamin c)
12. Aloe Vera Juice
13. Circutron
14. Digestron
15. Femtron
16. Gentron
17. Neurotron 30’s or 60’s
18. Respitron
19. Respitron Syrup
20. Uritron
21. Coloplex
22. Femplex
23. Floraplex 10’s or 30’s
24. Glucoplex
25. Infagard (30ml or 100ml)
26. Mental Fitness
27. Phytocology Sleep
28. Phytogard
29. Phytogard Syrup
30. Prime X

To find out more about the history of the company which started in South Africa and how to buy them in South Africa check out this Sportron page.