UK Pregnancy Rising: 2009 Financial Recession Babies

Pregnancy on the Rise in the UK during Recession
Rise in the UK Pregnancy

Having just read a very interesting article from Hitwise UK, an internet search data company, it would seem “How to get Pregnant” and “Pregnancy Symptoms” are one of the few internet searches experiencing a boom during the 2009 financial recession in the UK.

Could it be true that pregnancy in the UK is rising because people are cancelling satellite TV and cable TV subscriptions? Does losing a job result in a feeling things are so bad lets make the most of it and have a baby? Is this 2009 financial recession in the UK taking us back to the World War baby booms. Below is a basic run down of the pregnancy searches data found by Robin Goad from Hitwise UK. Since you are reading about pregnancy you can also find out if you are pregnant by checking the pregnancy symptoms check list below.

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How To Get Pregnant Rising Search

It would seem the women in the UK are scrambling to find out from the internet “How To Get Pregnant“.

Hitwise UK data confirmed a 150% increase in the search phrase “how to get pregnant”.

Why would UK couples, or ladies, be looking during a tough economical time to start a family and potentially increase their finincial burden?

Pregnancy Searches on the Internet

It is not just women looking how to get pregnant, but also ones who are already near the end of their pregnancies.

This is seen from the increase in the number of women searching “36 weeks pregnant” & “37 weeks pregnant”. This tells you that at the start of the financial recession in the UK women were falling pregnant and are now looking for information on the weeks of their pregnancy.

Pregnancy Symptoms

Here are some of the most common pregnancy symptoms:

  1. Abnormal change in menstural cycle – no period or delayed
  2. Menstural spotting
  3. Abdominal cramps
  4. Morning sickness or nausea
  5. Swollen painful breasts
  6. Increased urination frequency
  7. Elevated Basal body Tempurature
  8. Food cravings
  9. Tiredness or fatigue
  10. Increased senses of smell and taste

Remember there can be an overlap of these common pregnancy symptoms with other medical conditions.

You can take a home pregnancy test kit and have the pregnancy confirmed by blood tests from your GP.

If you think you are pregnant best to have a chat with your local GP to confirm your supicsions. They will also be able to give you a better indication if you how many weeks pregnant you could be from the blood tests.

Pregnancy Blogs

If there are any pregnant women looking to get pregnant using IVF or in-vitro fertilization I have come across Sharon who has gone through nearly every possible how to get pregnant procedure. She has been blogging about her IVF experience and you can read more here.

If you are already pregnant or have had your baby and were wondering questions like “should your babies poo be green?” Then I could recommend you read the pregnancy, babies and kids blog written by Samantha. Now I now if it is safe to jacuzzi if pregnant.

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