How to Get Used to Vibram Five Fingers Shoes

How to Use Vibram Five Fingers Shoes
How to Use Vibram Five Fingers Shoes

So your keen to start barefoot running, but want to rather use a barefoot running type shoes like the vibram five fingers. Maybe you have just got yourself a new pair of vibram five fingers and want to know how to get started with using them.

I found a cool video from other vibram five fingers runners who gave their hints and tips on how to start running in a pair of these barefoot type running shoes. The users recommend you take it step by step as these vibram five fingers are not like any other shoes you may have experienced before. Check out what else they have to say.

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Run in Shoes Like Your Barefoot

Learn How to Run Barefoot
Fix a Bad Shoe Running Technique

If you love the idea behind the barefoot running technique I found a video showing you how to run barefoot in shoes. Does that interest you. This very interesting video was made by Dr Marc Silberman, a sports physician in New Jersey USA.

Dr Silerman talks you through a running gait analysis video of a women patient of his. You can watch her running on a treadmill where she was going wrong and how she improved within in two weeks of running coaching. So If you are carrying some running or jogging injuries watch this video.

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