List of Irish and UK Chiropractors To Follow on Twitter

UK Chiropractors to Follow on Twitter
UK Chiropractors on Twitter

The world is becoming more inter-connected in so many ways. People are using new and varied forms of technology to help get word of mouth referrals for professional medical or healthcare services like Chiropractic. Twitter is one of those electronic ways of using social media to help chiropractors to connect with their existing patients and new patient referrals.

What is Twitter? Well if you didn’t already know yet it is a social media service that allows someone to tell you/share with you what they are doing/reading/thinking/seeing in only 140 characters. In a way it is like a mini blog/website.

How many UK Doctors of Chiropractic (DC’s) use Twitter? How do you find one on Twitter?With those thoughts I created a list of practitioners and clinics/centres who use this social media tool to network and connect with their patients, local businesses and others around the world. I have created a Twitter list of all the relevant people I have found who you can follow on Twitter.

UK and Irish Chiropractors on Twitter

The directory will hopefully allow you to find and connect with a particular Doctor of Chiropractic or clinic that you are a patient of. It will save you doing a blind twitter search. It is also great for healthcare businesses, like product distributors, looking to find chiropractors online from around the country to market their products/services too.

The Twitter List

This is my up to date list.

Please feel free to let me know of any other British and Irish Chiropractic Twitter accounts I have missed out by sending me a tweet to my profile

You can follow someone on the list, retweet, favourite a tweet or send them a tweet using the embedded widget timeline below.

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