The Harvard Brain Bank: Donate Your Brain for Research

Harvard Brain Bank
It’s a No Brainer

Have you ever heard of the Brain Bank at Harvard University? The Brain Bank at Harvard University is the world’s largest brain repository where more than 7,000 human brains are donated, stored, and used for brain research.

In the following brain video you will see a fresh brain dissected after being donated by a 70 year-old man. The brain anatomy is preserved in different ways to save the brain structures like the amygdala & hypothalamus for later brain studies. You will also see the difference between an Alzheimer’s brain and a normal brain. Did you know: only 10% of the brains donated are good enough for brain studies? See what Harvard is doing into research of brain function at the Harvard Brain Bank in this following brain video.

The Brain Bank @ Harvard University

Image Credit: Some rights reserved by Pierre-Olivier