Hip Hinge Exercises: Helps Prevent Lower Back Pain

Hip Hinge Exercise
Bend From The Hips

You don’t have to go to gym to help fix your back. Learn how to optimise everyday movements. You need to learn how to get up and down from a seated position correctly. Think how many times you get up from a chair. It really is just a squat movement. To be able to squat from your hip joints you need to work at it everyday so welcome your new favourite change of habits, the hip hinge exercise.

Practicing how to hinge at the hip is one of those simple, but brilliant rehab exercises. It helps not only hip socket problems but chronic lower back too. It is a rehabilitation exercise that teaches us how to bend forward from the hip joints rather than the spine so helping to protect the lower back joints from excessive pressure which potentially contributes to lower back pain.

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Why I Wear Orthotics In My Shoes

Lady's Feet
Love Your Feet

Today I want to talk about orthotic insoles for your shoes. The reason I love orthotic insoles is because I personally wear my shoe inserts everyday of my life. I was recommended to wear orthotic insoles for a chronic intermittent lower back pain I would experience from time to time since my teenage years.

To help manage the lower back pain episodes and to try keep them away I thought I needed to try and use orthotic insoles in my shoes to try help prevent another lower back pain episode.  So I thought today I would tell you a little more of my personal journey in wearing orthotic insoles to help manage lower back pain.

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Chiropractor London

London Chiropractor England UK
London Chiropractor

Thinking about seeing a Chiropractor in London? Well then hopefully we can help you find a London Chiropractor with the map of Chiropractic clinics in London below.

Of course the list of chiropractors in London on the map below is not exhaustive, but it will at least help guide you to find the right chiropractor in London for you.

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Hip Joint Pain Arthography Video

The Hip Joint
The Hip Joint

I came across this hip joint pain x-ray video after reading a blog in Medscape by Dr Paul Goodley today. It is quite interesting to see what happens to the hip joint when it is tractioned (pulled) from the ankle whilst laying on your back. In this x-ray video it is a case of a nine year old boy who has a left hip joint pain that Dr Goodley then wanted to show the difference in hip joint space by the motion video x-ray.

When you see the word arthrography used it means an x-ray examination of a joint that uses a special form of x-ray called fluoroscopy and a contrast material. So when you see the picture at the end you will see all the dye in the hip joint.

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Is Google Making Us Stupid

I stumbled across a great read today called “Is Google Making Us Stupid”. This article is discussing how our minds are being re-shaped by how we use the internet. I must admit that what is being said in The Atlantic article by Nicholas Carr, about skimming information on the web and in books is so true for me.

When you get used to jumping on the net and Googling something you want to know it seems to become intuitive to rather data mine and scan sentences in articles rather than actually stop and read the full article and then think what is being said. Being a fan of understanding neuroplasticity I would agree our brains are being re-modelled according to what we are presented on the internet. I found the complete pdf for you to read.

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Chiropractic Comedy by Jason Love

Chiropractic-Cartoon-ComedyI came across a great piece of Chiropractic comedy with this cartoon by Jason Love titled “I’m Seeing a Chiropractor”. I think you’ll get the jist of the humour in the words.

Just wanted to say thanks again Jason for the laugh today. I think most chiropractors would have a smile on their faces and laughing at this Chiropractic cartoon like I did 🙂

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Being a Chiropractor is a Top 100 Job to Do

Time for a Career in Chiropractic

Every year in the United States the “Best and Worst Jobs List” is released. This list tries to highlight which occupations in the US might be the best career choice for money and satisfaction.

I saw it for the first time when it was mentioned on 5 January 2010. This was a broadcast of CBS Evening News with Katie Couric, which was being shared on Sky News TV channel.

So after finding the Best and Worst Jobs of 2010 list on The Wall Street Journal online I was interested to see if being a chiropractor made the list. Guess what, being a chiropractor made the top 100 best jobs to do in 2010 in the USA and was number 56 on the list. If you are interested in seeing the rest of the Best and Worst jobs for 2010 list then have a look below.

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Rugby Union at Life University Chiropractic

Chiropractic Rugby

I came across this article in The New York Times online newspaper Sport section today with the title “Chiropractic College’s Rugby Team Is Good for Business”.

So being both a keen rugby fan and chiropractor of course I had to read more. Did you know that rugby is a popular sport at chiropractic colleges in the US and in the UK at the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic. Rugby is a popular sport around the world and from The New York Times rugby article you can see that even in the US rugby is a popular choice.

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Chiropracter or Chiropractor

I know that Chiropractic has a multiple spellings and I know that chiropracter is a common way for people to spell chiropractor. So I thought I would show some of the other ways Chiropractic or chiropractor have been spelt. Oh and don’t worry I’m not trying to make fun of anyone out there who calls me a chiropracter instead of ‘tor’. It makes me smile that’s all.
Wordle: Chiropractic or Chiropractery

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How To Choose The Best Pillow For Your Neck

Choose Best Cervical Pillow
Choosing The Best Pillow For Your Neck

So many patients have come into my chiropractic clinic before and asked me what I think is the best cervical neck pillow for them to sleep on tonight. I do believe that a good cervical neck pillow is important in helping you sleep better and especially for neck pain and headache sufferers.

Today I want to give you some information about how to choose the best cervical neck pillow for you. I will help you in your decision making to when deciding which pillow to sleep on is best for your neck. i will share with you my personal story why I believe so much in having a supportive pillow for your neck is essential, the different types of pillows available on the market and links to some of my favourite pillows.

The goal is to help you find your perfect pillow.

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After Spinal Surgery: How to Predict Repeat of Lumbar Disc Herniations

Low Back Fusion Surgery
Lumbar Fusion Back Surgery

A retrospective study from the November 15th issue of Spine (2009) evaluated radiographs for biomechanical and other health markers that would help identify patients at risk for repeat lumbar disc herniation.

A repeat disc herniation was defined as a herniation of the same disc after a “successful” first surgery where the patient was asymptomatic for a period of at least six months. The study analysed a group of 157 disc surgery patients to determine risk factors that might help predict which patients would have a repeat herniation. Want to know what the researchers found likely to cause you or a loved one who has back surgery to need more surgery in the future. I have the anser for you below.

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Prague School of Rehabilitation: Low Back Pain Treatment

Today I want to show you a short video on how to treat low back pain from a lumbar disc herniation from the Prague school of rehabilitation. You will get to see what is called conservative low back pain treatment used to help give a patient lower back and leg pain relief from a herniated lumbar disc.

The video is from the Prague School of Rehabilitation which is the home for a treatment technique called Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization. You will get to see a lumbar spine traction and lower back mobilization and relaxation techniques according to Dr Karel Lewit.

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First Time Chiropractic Visit: What Happens

First Time at a Chiropractor
First Time to a Chiropractor

Chiropractic treatment is fast becoming more and more popular in the world today. You have various entertainers such as famous singers as Celine Dion, performers like WWE wrestlers and The Wiggles who use a chiropractor at their shows. Having a team chiropractor is important for professional sports people and teams like Lance Armstrong and AC Milan football club.

Have you heard from a friend or family member that you should go see a chiropractor? So you jumped online and wanted to find out what is Chiropractic, what does a Chiropractic treatment involve and how do I even find a chiropractor. That is why I created this article for you so by reading to the end and watching the video about your first Chiropractic consultation you should know more before you book to see a chiropractor as you family said you should.

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Upper Back Chiropractic Treatment: Video

Thoracic Spine Treatment
Thoracic Spine Treatment

Every wondered what a chiropractic treatment for your upper back pain would be like? Have you been sitting at the computer looking for upper back pain relief?

In the following video Pennsylvania chiropractor Scott B. Rothman will show a basic upper back or thoracic chiropractic adjustment. The video will give you some basic indication of what a chiropractic treatment for an upper back pain would be like using spinal manipulative therapy or what chiropractors like to call a chiropractic adjustment. Hope it helps you get some upper back pain relief.

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Sciatica Symptoms and Medical Definition of Sciatica

This sciatica more condition_symptoms article will help explain a bit more about the condition sciatica and its symptoms. Sciatica is a symptom and not a disease so sciatica symptoms can vary between people. So read the sciatica more condition_symptoms article from ChiroCentre.co.uk for more trapped nerve in leg information.

Dr Kawashima Train Your Brain Book and Nintendo DS Game

Dr Kawashima Brain Training GamesDo you want to give yourself some brain exercise? Today I will talk about using Japanese neuroscientist, Dr Ryuta Kawashima, brain exercise recommendations.

If you haven’t already seen or heard about Dr Kawashima then he is famous for being the neuroscientist behind the Nintendo DS, Dr Kawashima Brain Age 2 game.

Dr Kawashima has also published some brain exercise books. Today I will give a basic overview for you of what Dr Kawashima tries to get you to do to improve your memory. Also try see how fast your basic maths skill are using the online daily Maths Brain Exercise Game below. Try the game in both normal and hard levels of difficulty. Tell me what your high score is for doing the math test brain exercise.

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Anglo-European College of Chiropractic: Chiropractic History in Bournemouth

AECC at Original Cavendish Road

In September 1965 Anglo-European College of Chiropractic (AECC) opened its doors to students for the first time. In fact the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic was not the first teaching establishment that had purported to teach chiropractic in the United Kingdom.

As early as the 1920s schools existed that included ‘chiropractic’ within their curricula. Amongst them was the British College of Chiropractic, established in London in 1925.

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The Harvard Brain Bank: Donate Your Brain for Research

Harvard Brain Bank
It’s a No Brainer

Have you ever heard of the Brain Bank at Harvard University? The Brain Bank at Harvard University is the world’s largest brain repository where more than 7,000 human brains are donated, stored, and used for brain research.

In the following brain video you will see a fresh brain dissected after being donated by a 70 year-old man. The brain anatomy is preserved in different ways to save the brain structures like the amygdala & hypothalamus for later brain studies. You will also see the difference between an Alzheimer’s brain and a normal brain. Did you know: only 10% of the brains donated are good enough for brain studies? See what Harvard is doing into research of brain function at the Harvard Brain Bank in this following brain video.

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Check Out The Spinning Lady Brain Test

Spinning Lady
Spinning Lady Test

This “Spinning Lady Illusion” is, I think, going to drive you a little mad today. I came across this brain illusion recently at a Chiropractic seminar that was discussing brain wave activity. It is quite interesting to see if you can get the spinning lady image to change direction.

The idea behind this spinning lady test is to see if you can use more of the left or ride side of your brain in order to alter the way that she is spinning. This is said to be a “Right Brain vs Left Brain test”. So do you see the lady spinning clockwise or anti-clockwise?

If you see the spinning lady clockwise, then you use more of the right side of the brain. If you see the spinning lady anti-clockwise it is said you are using more of the left side of your brain.

I personally have the spinning lady going clockwise more. Which way does she start spinning for you? Let me know be interesting to see which way people see it going mainly.

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