140 Health Care Uses for Twitter

Have you ever wondered should a health care professional like a chiropractor, doctor or nurse use Twitter? This article all started after reading an article tweeted by KevinMD about why health care professionals should use Twitter and other social networking websites for the future of health care and themselves. I then stumbled across my next thought provoking article of the day. The following slide show is about the 140 health care uses for twitter. It makes for an interesting read.

Why Healthcare Professionals Should Twitter

Phil Baumann a registered nurse and has just given you 140 reasons why he thinks health care professionals could use twitter. This is a spin on the 140 characters you can only use when tweeting. Would you like to follow a health centre tweeting about health alerts like swine flu where you live? If you need an organ like a kidney would it be good to link with someone on a donor list or be alerted to an available organ? Do you think booking a doctors appointment through twitter or being tweeted a reminder of your doctors appointment through twitter is best?

With all these questions do you think health care professionals like chiropractors, doctors and nurses could help each other and patients by being able to tweet on twitter? I’d be interested in what you think. Personally I think it makes health 2.0 sense if you get what I mean 🙂