Chiropractic Treatment for Whiplash Injury: Basic Guide


Whiplash Injury Treatment

Neck Sore from an Accident?

Todays’ article is a guest post written by Howells Solicitors about some of the ways a chiropractor would treat your sore neck from a whiplash injury. The solicitors need a medical report about a client’s neck pain which they can obtain from a chiropractor treating their client.

A neck injury from a car accident can vary in severity which you can see how bad whiplash can get. The key thing to do once you have hurt your neck from something like a bumper bashing is to first have it examined. I have come across cases in the past where people didn’t have an x-ray, but they actually had done some serious harm to themselves after rolling a car on a farm track or driving into a ditch.

Chiropractic Whiplash Treatment Guide

Whiplash can be a debilitating condition with extremely long-lasting effects. The extent of the injury can vary wide from very mild to extremely severe. No matter how serious your whiplash injury is, chiropractic treatment can work to help reduce pain and restore normal function to your neck and spine.

Whiplash itself is the action that causes your injury, not the actual long-term condition. If your spine is suddenly moved in one direction and then rebounds back, you have suffered a whiplash injury. You may or may not sustain any negative effect from this injury, but if you do, chiropractic help could help treat the symptoms.

The condition is commonly associated with motor accidents, but a whiplash injury can take place in a wide range of situations in which your head is jolted front to back, or side to side rapidly and unexpectedly. This is technically known as rapid extension followed by rapid flexion.

So how can chiropractic treatment help? Well, because chiropractors focus on the relationship between the skeletal and nervous systems, they are uniquely positioned to help reduce any irritation or inflammation that your whiplash accident has caused to your nervous system. There are a number of ways in which this might be achieved. They include:

1. Adjustment & manipulation

A gentle form of spinal adjustment and manipulation to lower the nervous system’s inflammation and irritation caused by the whiplash injury.

2. Site-specific massage, strengthening and stretching

Your chiropractor will focus on massaging the affected muscles in your neck to stretch, strengthen and relax them.

3. Relative rest

This is perhaps one of the most important treatments. It may sound simple, but ensuring your spine has the time to rest and recuperate is extremely important to your recovery. Relative rest does not mean lying in bed for weeks – it means learning to reduce inflammatory movements but continuing to take low-impact exercise like swimming. Your chiropractor should help you to create a plan to achieve this.

4. Cold treatment

The use of ice can be an effective way to reduce inflammation and soothe whiplash pain. Whether you use frozen peas or a real ice pack, a cold compress for short 10 minute bursts is likely to be recommended by your chiropractor.

Chiropractors do not use any surgery or medicines to reduce your whiplash pain, instead they use a gentle, tried and tested mixture of physical manipulation and sound advice to help your spine back to wellness.

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