Trapped Nerve in the Back and Leg: How to Get Rid of the Pain

Feeling excruciating pain from a pinched nerve in the lower backYou probably feel like you have a trapped nerve in your back right now. People reading this blog from around the world do so because they are struggling with a pinched nerve in their neck or they are experiencing terrible lower back and/or leg pain.

Today’s post is for those I thought people who are suffering with a pinched nerve pain in their backs and who are needing some quick help for the pain. Lower back pain is definitely a common health problem for many adults. In the post below I will briefly discuss the basic anatomy of the lumbar spine, common causes and symptoms of a trapped nerve in the low back region and ending it with some easy to do free low back pain exercises and other pain control tips.

Is This Sciatica?

Sciatica is a condition typically mentioned when talking about a low back pain episode or a pain down the back of your leg. The term sciatica is associated with lower back and leg pain, because, it is the main nerve from the spine that goes down the leg.

Sciatica is when you have pain running down the back of your leg in the same distribution area that the sciatic nerve supplies.

The sciatic nerve is made up of 5 spinal nerves coming together like a rope.

Sciatica is thought to be the cause of the trapped nerve, but it is not. Sciatica is only a symptom and not a diagnosis.

This is an important point to remember. This means if someone tells you that you have sciatica it is not the full story of what is causing your pain. You know the sciatic nerve is irritated, but you still don’t why.

To help understand this dilemma a bit more I think it is necessary that I help refresh your knowledge of the anatomy of the low back area.

Example Video of a Herniated L4-5 Disc

In this brief anatomy video you get to see what a herniated disc at the L4-5 spinal level looks like. L4-5 means that the disc between the 4th and 5th lumbar bones is pushing out causing a pinched nerve. This is a cause for lower back pain and/or sciatica pain.

I hope this video will help you understand the lumbar spine anatomy a bit better.

Example Video of Bones, Discs and Nerves in the Lumbar Spine

I did a video showing how a lumbar spine can develop degenerative disc disease over time and what it might look like.

The lower back region is made up of:

  • 5 lumbar vertebrae bones,
  • 5  lumbar discs,
  • Various muscles, ligaments, nerves and more.

Any of these structures mentioned could be causing the pain in your lower back down your leg.

It is normally the case that only one of the branches of the sciatic nerve roots existing the spine which is pinched by a disc and not all five nerves in one go.

The sciatic nerve could also be irritated/inflamed by other anatomical structures other than a disc near it.

That is why I said sciatica is only a symptom and not a diagnosis. You still need to pin point what anatomical structure surrounding the sciatic nerve is making you feel sore down your leg.

Sorry that was an important point to understand, thank-you for sticking with me.

Two Common Causes of Low Back Pain and Leg Pain

Now lets look at two common causes of nerve pain in this region.

The two most common causes for nerve pain symptoms in the lower back and leg in patients that I have seen as a chiropractor in my practice are:

  1. Bulging Disc/Herniated Discs
    When I see signs of an angry nerve in the lower back I always suspect an injured lumbar spinal disc. This is a condition causing what I call true trapped nerve pain. Because in this case one of the 5 nerves of the major sciatic nerve can be chemically or physically irritated/compressed causing the lower back and leg pain.
  2. Facet Syndrome
    A facet is a spinal joint between each of lumbar vertebrae bones in your lower back spine. Facets too can get irritated enough to cause severe lower back pain, especially first thing in the morning. I find a facet pain happens commonly when people try tie a shoe lace in the morning and then cannot stand up straight. Remember though that facet joint pain should not cause leg pain below the knee. Pain below the knee is usually when you have a trapped nerve in the spine coming from a herniated disc.

My Trapped Nerve in Back Pain Relief Tips and Lower Back Exercises

Now we are at the point for help dealing with the pain you are in.

If after your chiropractor, or doctor, finishes examining you and confirms that you do have what I call a, true trapped nerve, in your lower back then they will first advise what they could do for you.

However, in the meantime, there are some lower back and sciatic exercises you can do yourself for pain relief.

The following self-help tips are things you can try do yourself whilst getting you get appropriate lower back pain treatment from a healthcare professional.

  1. RICE
    “RICE” stands for Rest, Ice, Compress, Elevate. It is the first line anti-inflammatory treatment.
    Ice using covered ice packs to bring nerve pain and swelling down.
    Rest from too much movement, prolonged sitting or standing. Some walking will be good for you.
    Compression can be from a velcro lumbar support belt or corset if needed.
    Elevation forget about this as you cannot elevate your low back.
    Try using one of these moldable ice packs on your back.
  2. Bum Squeezes
    Using your bum (a.k.a gluteal) muscles to support your spine can help control any abnormal back movement that is causing the lower back and leg pain. Just simply squeeze your bum muscles together first before bending over or trying to get up from a chair or other seated position.
  3. Lumbar Support Chair Cushion
    A lumbar chair support is important to use in your office, car and home sofa lounge seat when trying to heal a trapped nerve pain. Seats with built in back support will have a cushion pushing your lower back forward. You could also use a seat wedge to help re-create the natural lumbar spine arch (a.k.a lordosis). You can try doing this yourself by using a small pillow, cushion or rolled up towel to support your lower back when you’re sitting. Take a look at the best back support cushions page for my recommended products.
  4. Pain Relief Positions
    There are some positions that may give you low back pain relief. This includes the 90/90 position you can see below. Lay on the floor, place a pillow under your head, maybe use the lumbar support cushion mentioned above under your lower back with your hips and knees bent at 90° and calves resting on a stool or sofa. For relief when sitting at the office all day check out my post on piriformis syndrome. For restful sleep you can also try placing a pillow between your knees when laying on your side in bed & trying to find pelvic neutral.
    Back Pain Relief Position
  5. Review The Medications Specific for Nerve Pain
    Maybe you are trying GP prescribed or some over the counter pain medication (a.k.a analgesics). If you are finding the pills aren’t taking the pain away then you need to review your painkiller drugs. Trapped nerve pain is classed as neuropathic pain source. There are many types and dosages of medication specific for nerve pain. Some drugs work better for different people. I would recommend you have a chat with your GP to see if you are on the best anti-inflammatory or pain medication for you.
  6. Natural Painkiller Rub
    An option for a painkiller that doesn’t need to be prescribed by a doctor is a natural rub on gel. My suggestion would be to use something I have used on myself from the BioFreeze gel range.
    These types of gels contain natural painkilling substances that are easy to rub on by yourself or for others like family members, rub it on when you need it without worry of overdose, and they typically act fast to help soothe a sore area.
  7. McKenzie Back Pain Exercises
    Robin Mckenzie is a New Zealand Physiotherapist who developed the McKenzie method for dealing with back pain. The prescribed movements are so simple you could do them anywhere. These are my go to herniated and bulging disc exercises to control pain. Order his “Treat Your Own Back” book here. In the meantime check out this video for an example of how to perform a lumbar extension exercise for someone with lumbar disc problem causing sciatica pain down the leg.
  8. Skin Rolling
    Another simple cause of low back pain could be something called Thoracolumbar Junction Syndrome. If these posterior rami nerves are being trapped then the skin rolling technique is used both to test for sensitivity and it could help decrease some of the pain.

The Bottom Line

Of course the self-help list above is not exhaustive, but should hopefully give you some ideas as to what you can try do to help a trapped nerve in your lower back pain and may some sciatica leg pain.

  • Rose Torok

    I am in such agony!!! It all started from my lower back. And now it is going on 6 months of constant pain in my right buttock all the way down my leg to my calf. As long as I am sitting down I am fine. As soon as I get up to walk a bit I get these cramps FROM HELL all along the leg. PLEASE DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY ADVICE?? I have been to the doctors and they put me on antidepressants Which made me a vegetable. I have tried muscle relaxant… Nothing is working!!! I am literally liking a life as a disabled person. I am soooo depressed from this constant pain.

  • Pamela Edwards

    Hi I was told it’s nerve damage in my spine and arthritis that’s causing it in my leg plus I have arthritis in both knees hope this was helpful

  • Pamela Edwards

    I have the same problem I am on tramadol and gabapentin

  • Joanne Roberts

    I have a pain in the left buttock radiating down the left back part of my leg and making my foot painfully cold and my ankle is starting to lock up a lot I cannot understand how it happened but I am in so much pain its only been 4 days and first thing in the morning is excruciating to walk on the left leg I am even using a hot water bottle to help with the pain in the foot but no joy I am having to sleep at an awkward angle just so I can get a couple of hours uninterrupted sleep I am 34

  • Amy

    My lower back is so painful. It’s worse when I lay down. It’s all on the right hand side. When I lay down and bend my knees I can’t lift it at all off the bed. What is causing this?

  • Nina

    I have had very bad pain down the sides of both my legs, that go to the front of my left leg causing severe pain when I walk, sit, when I lay down its at the back of my legs not giving me a chance to sleep, it is now making walking bad and I hve a limp now because of the pain. It keeps me up after bout a few hours sleep .inaide my left leg at the top hurts like mad like a toothache pain can anyone help me with any suggestions to me cope with the pain? I’ve tried voltarol, ibruofen, paracetamols, athletes muscular cream . My back goes about 3 times a year where I can not walk and hve to lay flat until the pain subsides I make myself walk but it is very painful

  • Mary Astarti Herne

    I have done something to either my lower back or nerve, I only went to throw a cushion and I felt a sharp pain all the way down to my left buttock, I had to sit down and I struggled to get back up without it hurting.
    If I get up and walk around its not as bad,but the moment I sit down or lay down I can’t get up without it hurting.
    Is there anything I can do?

  • joy

    My friend has had alot of medical problems, just back from being in a rehab for having some of her toes cut off due to vascular disease that wasn’t taken care of properly, annaways she was walking short distance pretty good until one day she fell, she landed softly said nothing hurt but next day or so she wasn’t able to walk but a lil n then not at all.she does have bulging and herniated disk for years now. She is putting off going to a hospital(she was in the hospital and rehab center for 6mnths) is there any treatment that will help her beable to walk again. ? I hope you can help!

  • Liba

    Hello, four days ago I was handling my disabled son (11yr old). The next day I woke up in agony. The pain is shooting from lower back into back of BOTH of my legs, below knees and into my feet. I’m horrified for two reasons. One – I have really high pain threshold, so surprised by the intensity; two – I have 3 children, two of which disabled, on my own with no family to help and we are talking of months of pain? I have a feeling this Christmas will be more than bargained for.

  • Dawn

    That’s good you don’t have the serious complication. Hope you get full treatment to fix you soon. Good luck x

  • Dawn

    You need MRI to rule out any herniated disc issue or trapped nerves or nerves rubbing against the spinal cord and irritating it. I myself have been put on morphine post operation a year ago and spinal epidural in July followed by complications, but I am in the small minority most people successfully get healed after surgery or spinal epidurals. So,e exercises can make your symptoms worse and if so tell your GP which exercises make life worse or increased pain as other solutions maybe sort. Bare in mind with all treatment there are risks, but you need to way up how you are now to could operation or injection help and willing to take the risk….

  • michael

    I have disabailty in lower back some days I can work some I cant all ways in pain

  • Thanks for the feedback Elaine and I’m glad that you don’t have cauda equina then.

  • Elaine Lewis

    Hi again,
    Have been referred to spinal clinic as I have a prolapsed disc bulging on right of lower spine and a fragment part on the left. I have been prescribed diazepam as well as naproxen and co codamol. Will update you further as things progress.
    Kind regards
    Elaine Lewis

  • Thank-you. I wish you all the best for what is going on with you right now. Please let me know what the result is from this.

  • Elaine Lewis

    Oh my god! Will get there soon as I can. Thank you!

  • @disqus_Gjm14yF4PV:disqus please go to your local A&E (hospital emergency department) right now! Tell them you cannot feel when your bladder is full and you feel you are going to wet yourself. That is a warning sign for cauda equina syndrome and if it is then that needs emergency medical surgical attention.

  • Elaine Lewis

    I have had a prolapsed disc for a year now and it was all agony in my left leg. Pain relief was ok for a while. Now it’s transferred to right buttock, leg and calf and pain relief is not working or anti inflammatory tablets. I have had an mri scan but cannot get an appointment with go to discuss this. I cannot sit or lay down and driving is difficult, and now I’m at my wits end. I cannot feel when my bladder is full and I’m just going every half hour as I’m scared of being incontinent.. I can’t cope .

  • Peggy

    I was sprinting last summer when I felt a jarring in my leg, since them It will not support my body weight. It hurts when I cross my lef in the figure 4. Have been to physio, massage am now doing lymph drain, but the pain inside my leg near groin and by hamstring but also into the outside calf to the ankle. Any ideas?

  • jacqui

    Banged my thigh muscle 3months ago and still sore is this normal theres no bruising also lower back sore and leg goes stiff

  • Stacey

    Hi today I carried a box downstairs at work and I suddenly felt unable to move with an awful pain hooting down my right bum cheek and leg that was 3 hours and 2 pain killers ago but there’s no change I’m only kind of comfortable lying down sitting causes pins and needles and standing is just a no no any ideas?

  • Rajdeep Dhaliwal

    hello courty
    i had the pain long time ago.doctors can’t make it better because thy don’t understand the way you can listen your body.after long struggle i bought bands and a good and comfortable shoe.first i did leg strengthening exercise with band for 15 min then 15 min walk when i reach home again 15 min with band same strengthning .it took me one month to feel better after three months every thing was okay hope GOD will help you too.

  • Mega drama

    My leg to much problem .mybee sleep time?how a bout it?

  • Mega drama

    I need some importation about pain ,relief my leg?

  • Shaurya

    Hey people
    i had this sharp pain for the past few weeks. Thankfully my doctor gave me medicines which did wonders. Unfortunately,these medicines are manufactured and sold only in india. If u do get access to these medicines,i am sure they will do good.

    Lupoxa- for inflammation
    Tendofit- for Strenght of joints
    Eskibar 56- for pain
    thank you 🙂

  • daijon

    sameee!! i got to the point where i cant get out of bed and i cant barely stand up now and its been 3 weeks now

  • Angel you would need a proper assessment by a doctor/chiropractor to try diagnose the source of pain in this case. I do have some information about how pain changes over time into what you have now which is called chronic pain.

  • Angel

    I am 23 yr old girl.1 year back I got Lumbar spine l5-s1 annual disc buldge.

    I don’t know the causes.
    I had both leg severe pain,whole body pain.

    I could’n walk like normal people for few months.
    Because of this, I get high fever every now and then also it affects my health during periods body pain is more severe.
    After taking homeopathi treatment,my right leg ok now.
    But my left body all time in pain.
    I can’t sleep.
    Especially on left side I can’t sleep.
    So,its like sleeping is hell for me.
    The pain is in complete half left side body.
    And its more pain on waist bone,not tolerable.
    I know its Sciatica .
    But how to get rid of this pain.
    Please provide solution.

  • Jon

    I have the same thing for 6 weeks now have you found out what it is or how to fix it because doctors have no clue. I would be grateful for any help. Jon

  • The pain sounds like what is called a lumbar radiculopathy “sciatica”. Did the osteopath do lots of pushing into your muscles to give you bruising? The pain is a nerve pain so co-codamol will only do so much. If the pain has been around for so many months speak with your GP and osteopath about further tests like: blood tests, x-rays or MRI scan etc… In the meantime ask the osteopath about trying McKenzie exercises for a lumbar disc problem and see if that takes the pain out of the leg. Hope you get better soon.

  • squancy

    I think I tore a muscle in my right lower back in March, docs gave me 100 co codamol and anti inflammatories, only took a few as they make me sick and knock me out. As I was in a lot of pain, I wasn’t sure whether to see an osteopath or not. I did see one at my gym when i initially hurt my back, but when she was throwing her weight down on my hips to crack me, it didnt work and left me in even more pain, and my hip hasnt been right since. anyway I found another osteopath, went to several sessions, with the same cracking which leaves me with horrible bruises! I finally stopped going in august and managed to get back to gym for a while. Came down with a cold a few weeks back, which always gives me some form of night terrors! I woke up one morning with a stiff back very low down, and for a few days felt like i had been kicked in the back, it also pulled me over to the right whilst standing. That went away, my bum went numb, pain in right leg, various muscle pains in leg, numbness down to foot, intense pain when sitting, standing, lying down, the pain is now mostly in my hip, my back, hip and knee cracks all the time when moving about. I am currently unable to drive as I couldnt press the brake pedal without screaming in agony. sitting, standing and lying down is very painful. went to osteopath last week and he cracked me again, hurt so much, went to doctors to check if it was a trapped nerve or something else and whether an osteopath was doing more harm than good, as some say they make your back worse in the long run. no one can give me clear advice. the doctor just rammed his fingers into my back which left me sobbing for hours, and referred me to physio and my appointment is in January! I am currently working from home so I can move around at will, but mostly I end up comatose on the sofa from the co codamol as I seem to have an adverse reaction to it. I have another appointment with osteopath on monday, but dont know whether i should be going or not! no one can give me clear advice or what I should do, whats wrong with me and how long its going to take to get better! its getting to the point where im sitting with a marker pen, drawing dotted lines around my leg as i want to chop it off!

  • NP this a grey area for surgery no surgery option. I don’t know if you’ve read my latest post on sciatica research? It is a call your doctor will need to make with you especially if you have muscle weakness and decreased function. Those are some signs a lumbar discetomy may be needed to relieve the pressure on the L5 nerve root. Have you tried the McKenzie exercises to try see if the leg problems disappear? They are in the book on the page. I’m interested in the offer for CT guided facet injection as I thought the NHS wouldn’t do that according to the NICE guidelines you can see here. The reason I bring this up is I attended a recent pain symposium with anaesthetists saying to other doctors facet injections don’t have a good long-term result. I do know of a chiropractor who works with an anaesthetist who performs the fact block then the patient undergoes spinal manipulation after to further enhance the pain blocking effect at the painful joint. Try the McKenzie exercises first and come back to comment to et everyone know if you got any benefit from them.

  • NP

    Hi I have recently been told that i have a l5 nerve trapped on the left side of my lower back in which leaves my left leg numb and powerless. I have had this issue twice in the past and it’s only by luck my last MRI scan picked up the issue. I have terrible lower back pain and cannot walk on my own. I have been offered a CT guided injection procedure but am currently scared about the loss of power and numb feeling. Really confused on what next to do as i stand about 8 hours a day and cant stand the pain and taking painkillers over and over again! Please help!!!!

  • Hay Mandy, sounds like a serious low back pain episode with what’s called a lumbar radiculopathy. That means a trapped nerve coming from your spine. I’m about to write an article in the future on this possible treatment option which is taking Magnesium supplementation. Magnesium can act as a painkiller in the nerve and calm the nervous system. I have been experimenting with different brands recently to see how they make me feel and I have found that on the Solgar Magnesium Citrate version I feel good –

    I posted a link to some on Amazon UK for you. You should take 400 mg per day. I have been taking it before breakfast with water. If you take too much in a day watch out it creates a laxative effect. If you try it please let me know how you feel on it, I’d love the feedback.

  • Mandy Duncan

    Hi I had an episode of lower back pain 20 months ago the pain was so bad down my back and leg that my nerves were telling my brain that my foot was at a 90 degree angle (inwards) to my ankle (think of the film misery! both because i was miserable and felt someone had taken a sledge hammer to my foot) to the point i frequently lifted my bed sheets to check -needless to say my foot was in its ususal position :p.

    I have had persistent numbness in my big toe since but sometimes spreads covering my foot and front of lower leg and at times its prickly rather than numb. Physio seemed to aggrivate it so i stopped, swimming ditto – core strengthening seems to aggrivate. Have since tried alexander technique and have now done 6 of the 10 structural integration technique (AKA rolfing On hold for now till I can drive) and learning to live with pain and not being physically as active as i would like to be. Now laid up again and signed off work – week 2 – by coincidence the MRI I demanded (nothing done in previous episode in terms of investigating cause) was undertaken last week so awaiting results.

    Pain bit different this time lower back ususal sore and breath taking sharpness at times but general pain now is like muscles in entire leg threatenitng to spasm and uncomfortable deep pain in my buttock! Suggestions, advice please – i will try anything! Like most people on here I want to feel normal and pain free – and for me personally to enjoy dog walking and horse riding daily – distant dream at present!

    PS also considering changing occupation or going part time – 8-6, Mon – Fri sitting at my desk on computer or in meetings sitting or driving to meetings sitting! Is that likely to help resolve issue long term???

  • Sarah to have bladder involvement and loss of sensation around your bum this is not the normal single level trapped nerve from a disc. I’m glad to hear you are getting assessed further. As long as there isn’t urinary retention or progression of the imbalance, weakness, numbness and the doctor examining you isn’t worried about an emergency admission for cauda equina syndrome then there are other possible neurological causes but you’ll have to wait for the MRI of the brain, brain stem and neck spinal cord which would be another place to look for a lesion to the nervous system referring into the legs. Please let me know what happens and what you are finally diagnosed with.

  • Sarah McGarry

    Hi there I have a history of back problems and sciatica, anyway about 8 wks ago I woke up with ‘wobbly legs’, i didnt think much about them as I had been at a dog show two weeks previously and had done lot of running which I am not in a habit of doing. My legs felt the way your legs feel after walking up a steep hill. My legs got worse every day and i had real difficulty driving as my right foot felt numb. Eventually i could hardly walk at all and was having major issues with my balance. I went to my gp and was eventually referred for an MRI scan, then I found that i had lost the sensation in my bladder and realised that I was totally numb on my left side from my waist down and a littleway up my back on the left side and I also have a ‘numb bum’. I have had xrays and an MRI all have come back clear. My right leg has now improved apart from numb little toe on my right foot, my left leg has now gone numb with pins and needles in the foot, my balance is terrrible, but my bladder sensation seems to be coming back slowly. I cant drive, cant walk and am now at my wits end, if I am forced to walk for any distance eg supermarket shopping I get a dragging heavy feeling in my groin and bum area, throughout all of this I have not been in any ‘pain’ but more discomfort, am now awaiting the results of a second MRI scan, this time of my upper back, neck and head, havee you any ideas what could be wrong with me????

  • leflane

    I have the same thing! Got exrays and they said eveeything was perfect. Went to chiropractor for 2 weeks with raw meat as a lower back left side….didn’t fix me. Will get mri soon….someone reply and tell us whats wrong! Please!

  • @1e96b9d287efb69322ef7a9fdd9b2e8c:disqus sounds like you could have strained your abdominal muscles, like the external obliques. This then has weakened your core muscles and you have a compensation in the lower back and pelvis referring pain into the thigh.

  • @c128de3e5cb5403aad36ad21fb702d9f:disqus Did the physio or another doc tell you so far if there is a disc herniation pinching a nerve down your right leg? Electric pain down the leg especially below the knee to ankle or foot with numbness, pins and needles, back spasms could indicate a slipped disc situation causing sciatica.

  • @445f3a7cc27f0f88bb3c9dc802223a8c:disqus have you had a low back x-ray looking to see if you have something called “spinal stenosis”. This is a condition characterized by low back pain and weak feeling in legs quickly improved by sitting or leaning forward on a shopping trolley for example.

  • @1ccd409cdfa93700fbf1046094b4cca4:disqus you are experiencing chronic pain which is more than just the L4-5 disc condition but also a change to how the nervous system is wired. I hope you have been through a lumbar rehabilitation assessment that looks at what movements you can do and progresses you through the exercises stages. There could also be a case for what has happened during the surgeries with the amount of scar tissue development, if a neurosurgeon or orthopaedic surgeon touched a nerve which is always a risk. This latest op sounds like what is called a “radiofrequency nerve ablation” used to kill the nerve endings.

  • @09e77d395302bda02d3924b36756b1a6:disqus does sound like your hip joint or surrounding tendons were inflamed. I hope the physio managed to get you running, maybe you needed a cortisone injection into a bursa for a trochanteric bursitis.

  • Sounds like it could be both a lower back source and a local problem around the knee from prolonged pressure on it. When the pain travels from the lower back down the leg below the knee then a nerve is involved.

  • Hay Aubrey, sorry to hear your third pregnancy is causing so much pain. Unfortunately it is also sometimes a problem with ligaments getting loose to early on in the pregnancy. I have seen mothers who have had to resort to crutches to stabilize their pelvis when walking from the late 20 weeks stage. Try gently doing bum squeezes when standing to see if you can get pain relief in your lower back. Have you tried putting a cushion in your lower back when seated or laying on your back if you can? This could be a rolled up towel or even a foam lumbar cushion. Unfortunately I have only seen good results when I have done the hands on
    stuff to help a mum. I know it is frustrating cos you have other kids to
    take care of and can’t rest.

  • aubrey

    can the lower back and leg pain occur /caused by pregnancy due to the position of baby. and how can the pain be relief?

  • aubrey.

    im 24weeks pregnant but im suffering for the past 2months with lower back pain due to baby laying on nerve in my hip area my gynea say it happen from time to time but the pain just get worse and my walking abbilities is getting weaker most of the time im down in bed but then it gets worse. IM 31 and its my 3rd pregnancy but its the first time i xperience that . Any 1 with advice just to relief the pain!!!!! MELISSA BENNETT.

  • doug

    I have lower back pain, sharp pain traveling down my right leg to my knee. Below the knee the left side is numb and when touched the skin is sore. I have tried all positions to relief the leg pain, without result.
    Its five days of pain and discomfort, the ibuprofen worked on the pain at first but now it has no effect.
    I was working in a confined space and down on my knees, have I trapped a nerve or pulled a leg/back muscle.

  • What did the physio say today? Was there pain when they moved your hip joint?

  • Jacqui maguire

    Iwas training for my first marathon aged 43, everything was going well until i experienced a pain down the front of my thigh. i ran on for 4 miles and when i got home my hip was very sore.I took the next few days off and then went out for my 20 mile run 5 weeks before the marathon and could only run 4 miles and had to limp home. I have not run since with pain in my hip at joint and pain down the front of my thigh. I have taken dixlomax on and off but nothing seems to be working. Done all my stretches for hip flexors, massage and used the foam roller. My marathon is in 3 weeks and i’m no further forward. i still want to run it even if i have to crawl round. Any suggestions what i should do? I’m seeing phsyio tomorrow.

  • Melanie Tranter

    Hi Dawn, this episode sounds very similar to mine, i really hope u have had some relief from it now! i ended up stuck just like u but on the opposite side, i tried to get out of bed to go to the loo but just collapsed in a heap on the floor an lay there until paramedics came. I to have given birth twice with just the use of entonox and with this episode i coud not get down my stairs with the use of entenox, in the end i had to be cannulated and given iv morphine before i could get out of my house! once i arrived at the hospital they managed to get the pain under control with lots of medication which i am still on 2 weeks later, but i still have not been referred to ortho’s. i think until somebody can tell u what is causing the pain it is very hard to fix the problem. i am not sure how long ago this was posted but i really do hope u have had some help.

  • Elizabeth Leahy2

    I have had constant pain now for four years, an m.r.i scan showed a L5 and L 4 disc degeneration and bulge, i have had three operations so far,every tablet im sure possible for the pain/sciatica pins and needles and calf pain.! I am now awaiting a fourth operation which has not been explained properly, burning the nerve endings or something? any ideas please….i am on weekly bu trans patches which help and can recommend anyone to ask their g.p to prescribe…..

  • E.ilonwah


  • Karen this could be sciatica cos the pain is travelling down your leg along one of the branches of the sciatic nerve and the numbness in your big toe with a painful leg when weight bearing are more signs there could be a trapped nerve at your spine. The problem could be a disc in your spine, have a chiropractor or physio test to see if you respond to McKenzie exercises.

  • TK

    Hi I have been suffering pain in my lower back for about three weeks now and it has also moved down my left leg but down the shin and also I get numbness here and also in my foot especially my big toe. I can not walk for more than ten yards before the pain becomes excrutiating and I have to sit down. My doctor has prescribed anti-inflammitorys and rest but I cannot take much more time off work. Is this sciatica or something else?

  • Maxbabe49

    hi .i,ve hurt my back by bending and twising to pick a very light box made me feel very sick done this wednesday night ,hurt my lower back and its effecting both my legs get a heavy feeling in them im in a lot of pain ,i,ve been taking tablets and putting patches and hot water bottle on my back ,it doesnt seem to be getting any better

  • Afshirat pain all the way down the leg like that and big toe sensation changes could be a trapped nerve at your spine on one of the branches of the sciatic nerve. I hope the doctor during the examination looked at our reflexes and motor strength and some nerve stretch tests to rule in or out a <a href=""radiculopathy. Its up the the examining doctor to help tell you where the nerve is possibly being pinched so as to know what to do from there. Let us know how things have progressed for you.

  • Hi Kenny, have you been to see a Chiropractor for an examination and opinion as to what your options are. Having gone through two spinal surgeries you would still need some kind of hands on care to help. For you maybe look into different soft tissue techniques to help desensitise the scar tissue. This could be various forms of massage, sciatic nerve mobilisations or having <a href=" level laser therapy or <a href=" "cold laser therapy on the scar site. A supervised course of rehabilitation exercises to improve the stability of your low back spine would help. If your in Bournemouth I would recommend the <a href=" "AECC Rehab Clinic they could maybe guide you in finding someone closer to you as well. Hope you get relief soon and let us know how you progress and what helps you.

  • KKenny28

    Hi, I have been suffering from severe back pain for over 3 years now. Since then I have had two operations on my spine, l5 , discs are coroading, tryed first operation and no help I tryed 2nd time and it took away scar tissue and a bit of bone, no luck had cortosone injections in spine. The doctor had no camera he also had to try 3 times to get needle in. On the 3rd attempt it went into scar, since then the pain has gone into hips. I am on morphine and nothin actually gets to the pain. I can’t work, health is detoriating, I am depressed and dont know what’s next. I have pins and needles in feet and legs also burning in the feet. Sometimes I cant stand never mind walk. At Chistmas I lost feeling in my left leg, it was severe pain. Have you any ideas as know one seems to know what to do with me or how to help me. I have to attend a pain managment course for severe pain. Its a talking shop at my wits end.

  • Afshirat

    Hello,I am new to this site..Just wanted to some advice about severe pain starting from the tailbone in my back to left side of my buttock,then going across to my hip and shooting down the front of my left thigh uptil just past my knee.Then there is a mild ache in the back of the left calf and then the shooting pain starts at my ankle.The big toe has hardly any feeling in it.Standing for more than 5 minutes is horrendous and walking is bad too.i find the leg is heavier and colder than the good right leg.Need to drag it around most of the time.
    Doctor refuses to send me for an MRI and just says i am too overweight by just a couple of stones.Dont know what to do now as have 2 young children .

  • Hi I have had lower back pain for a number of years now, more recently though I have pain in the buttocks region and pins and needles sensation in my legs and feet. My left knee is painful and my left ankle is so painful it makes it hard to walk. When the ankle is not to bad and I walk my dog for a reasonable distance, my lower back pain increases and my legs feel all “rubbery”.The only way to relieve hjis is to sit down, please any thoughts?

  • Markdudhill

    I started having pains in my lower back with pain shooting down my right hip, stopping there then starting again from my knee down. Not being able to sleep on right side,and sleeping on the left it has started on this hip as well.when laid on my back i sometimes have spasms in my spine with my legs going numb and tingling.Its been 3 months now and seems to be no better,Im taking 30/500mg co-codamol and anti inflamery tablets with not much affect, also go to physio

  • Dawn


    i have had lower back pain, numb frozen toes on my right,shooting pains up my leg to knee joint then up to hip joint and pelvic area for 7 weeks, it has taken me an hour each morning to get out of bed due to stiffness and bad pain. doctor said i have a bulged muscle and trapped nerve,he has advised this from pushing on my foot, i have been going physio and have done the exercises and i was getting back to normal. 6 days ago i stood up and had the worse pain ever in my lower back i laid down immediately and im still here 6 days later, i can only lay on my left side, i canot sit up or stand up or hardly move and i am suffering the worse pain ever. the doctor has requested an mri but that could be up to two weeks and the pain killers dont even touch this pain. i seriously cant take much more, my right side now hurts from lying on it i have bed sores and it just seems like no one gives a dam. i have tried to get up but it feels like my back is being cushed and i cannot feel my foot and leg. i normally bear pain very well i have given birth 3 times with no pain relief and broken my ribs twice but that pain was nothing to what i am suffering now. please can someone advise me

  • Ianjmander

    hi i have had a trapped nerve in my lower back for over 5 weeks now for the first 3 weeks took sick leave needed it worst thing is very little pain in my back now just down my right leg make feel prob in my knee got some strong pain killers of doc. need to take some still just hope all pain will go soon

  • Thomas03

    hi thanks for the answer, yes both lower and neck area’s have been confirmed as having trapped nerves his doctor is trying to get him seen earlier, and will look up the mcKenzie exercises

  • If you say there is muscle wastage then there should be weakness associated,with the loss of sensation does sound like there are signs of nerve damage. Crazy to hear there is a 3 year waiting list though? I would try get a second opinion to see if you really had to wait so long to see a neurosurgeon cos if your hubby needs back surgery then waiting longer with signs of increasing nerve damage is not in his best interest. If the doctors have confirmed to you a diagnosis of a disc herniation trapping the nerve into the leg some good exercises to do are called McKenzie exercises.

  • Thomas03

    hi my husband has just been told he has trapped, nerves both in lower back and also up in c 5/6 and c/67 he is in an enormous ammount of pain and cannot work, he is or was a carpet layer so had a lot of heavy lifting etc , he has muscle wastage in his calf and loss of sesation in his leg and foot, and now has loss of strenth in his arm and has really bad headaches we were told today he will have to wait for about 3 years to see a neuro surgeon i am concerned that by that time it will be so much worse he is only 44 ! is there anything we can do ourselves?

  • simone

    hi i am suffering from a trapped nerve in the bottom of my spine and i also have arthritis of the spine was given declofenic from the doctors an told tot take for 2 wks, i have finished. Yesterday i experienced something that i dont want to ever experience again, i was ok then i got a pain around my groin, i then startted to sweat then i felt as iwas going to pass out, i covered myself in cold water to try an bring myself round this csrried on for half an hour after that i started to shake and i had nov feeling in my hands and feet. is thi due to the trapped nerve? simone

  • Chris-alan-28

    hi my name is christine im 42 and 2 weeks ago i woke with alot of pain in my lower back and down my right leg my doctor gave me codoene and anti flamertry pills but all these do is make me feel sick the pain is now down my leg to my toes and i get a numb feelin and pins and needles at the same time it also feels cold its like a constant tooth ache down my leg and my bowels are movin alot as well can u please advice me what i should do should i go back to my doctor as she said this could take 2/4 weeks to get better thankyou

  • rah

    sooo sorry and feeling your pain.i ve had bad back for 4 yrs +. the last year its been really bad and last 4 months at times unbearable. really really sad as i can’t play with my 18month old very well and find holding him hard. i too am crying. nhs are tricky to pin down FINALLY having a scan but got shooed out of my appointment with the specialist because HE had over run with the patient BEFORE!!!!! left feeling more confused but spoke to a private back pain clinic today who were great!! didnt try to take my money and in fact told me they couldnt work with me until the scan and gave me loads of advice over the phone and made more sense than anyone on the nhs. still a bit screwed tho until the scan is interpreted and have to just get through the next 2 -3 months until that point. i just HOPE i can get to that point. at times this is agony and i can’t move PAH it suck. 33 yrs old going on 133. hope things pick up honey

  • Mel

    Thanks Gary, i have since been seen by a specialist physio practioner, after saying I have a very faint pulse in my feet, she too said this could be vascular! She sent me for an x-ray and I’m to have a MRI next Saturday. Thank you again for your reply.

  • Yes they can.

  • Lexi you would be classified as suffering chronic pain which means managing pain levels can be more challenging as your nervous system has been trained in a way to feel pain. I hope you find a practitioner who can look at your movement patterns and see if they can help train your nervous system either passively or actively to help you manage your pain levels better and let you live the life you want.

  • An x-ray would be taken before an MRI scan. An x-ray is more simply & cheaper and from there a decision is made about sending for an MRI scan usually. Not everyone needs an x-ray either if a diagnosis is made.There are reasons when to expose people to x-ray radiation.

  • Mel sometimes the source of problem is a nerve other times it could be other body systems like your vascular system (blood supply) especially if you say you get blue coloured feet.Stories of people thinking it was just a trapped nerve can be read here When is it a DVT clot pain”.Hope you get to the bottom of it soon.

  • Lexi69

    I have had back pain for 6 and a half years now since having whiplash from a car accident. Physio, acupuncture and seeing a chiropractor hasn’t helped but I cant get my doctor to take me seriously and they just send me for more physio and painkillers!! some days its so bad I cant stand up straight but its intermittent so I am ok some of the time!! I just want someone to listen to me as its starting to ruin my life I’m only 25 I shouldn’t be in so much pain!! I’ve got horses and have been banned from riding them for about 3 out of the 6 years due to my back its so depressing have sat tonight and cried over it I just want the pain to go away!! it appears randomly like tonight I cannot think of anything I have done but it has just flared up and I cant stand up straight!! yesterday morning I woke up and couldn’t move my neck one way and not just through pain it wouldn’t physically move!! It’s not only one spot either my whole back gives me pain! I wish I had NEVER learnt to drive!!!

  • Tracy

    Hi i am suffering pain down the left side of my leg, the pain first started in my back and i thought it was to do with my arthritis in my hip but then today the pain is in my left leg and it felt like i had cramp at first then i started getting pins and needles in my foot then i could hardly stand or walk, after almost passing out with the pain it went after about half an hour but the pain is still there i have been taking ibuprofen for it but it barely touches the side to help with the pain

  • Linda

    I am in agony!
    I have been told I have sciatica, but right now things are alot worse.
    I have a real intense pain down the back of my left leg, which started yesterday. It is much worse when I sit down or stand. I can feel spasms too.
    I cant sleep the pain is so bad and the pain reliefe I have isnt helping. What can I do?
    Also is it normal to have an mri , because I have never even been given an xray.

  • Little-minxx

    i believe i have a trapped nerve in my back ,i went to the doctors about 2 mths ago and he referred me to a physio,he also gave me strong ibrupofen but these havent worked after a mth of taking them ,i get more pain at night which keeps me up and dont tend to get much sleep in the mornings i can hardly move with sometimes shooting pains going up into my neck ! for thelast 3 days i have had a permanent feeling of heavyness in my right leg going down into my foot to my toes which is really uncomfortable and its now starting to go int my arm but that comes and goes ! is there any advice on what i should be gettingmy doctor to check for as i do have a job where im always standing and doing heavy lifting on occasions . thank you lisa

  • Mel_bruce2003

    I’m waiting for A MRI i don’t have back pain at all, i have pain in my thinghs and groin area, my feet tend to turn a blueish purple colour until i change position. Also after a walk my legs turn to jelly, any ideas what this could be?

  • Mel_bruce2003

    I’m waiting for A MRI i don’t have back pain at all, i have pain in my thinghs and groin area, my feet tend to turn a blueish purple colour until i change position. Also after a walk my legs turn to jelly, any ideas what this could be?

  • don

    does traped nerves go away when treated

  • NH

    I tore the muscles on the right of my spine from sneezing whilst on the way up from picking a book up off the floor. It has taken 6 weeks to resolve with physiotherapy but a side effect is that every time I stand up I have a real ache travelling down the front of my thigh to the knee. Please can you suggest a way I can solve this. Thanks.

  • Pamelasankey

    i do suffer a lot with a trapped nerve and am thankfull for your advice

  • HI Nichol,the best thing to do is to get an assessment of your spine to see what is happening. Maybe you need further tests like an x-ray to look for joint changes in your lower back like your neck has. You could see a chiropractor for a physical examination and their diagnosis of your problem. You can find a UK chiropractor on this page here if needs. Otherwise in a hospital setting a neurologist, neurosurgeon or orthopaedic surgeon may be better for assessing your pain. Trying a manual therapy like physiotherapy, osteopathy or chiropractic can add another level of care that tabs alone won’t do.

  • Nicol Mannion

    Hi,i’m a 43year old female who has suffered for years with back and neck problems.I have probs with c4 and c5 disc’s in neck and in constant pain. Both damaged and worn thin with bulging on one of them causing nerve problems.. I have now for the last two months been suffering with what i believe is a trapped nerve in my lower back to the right side. I have to roll myself out of bed and to go to standing is very painfull. When i sit its hurts and it is even worse when i get up. The pain is sharp and takes my breath away and it radiates out through my right side hip/pelvis. How do i untrap a nerve or who should i see. Fed of of GP’s just giving me tabs, i want a permanent treatment to end this problem, please advise.

  • v Brayfield

    Hi there wondered if you could help me, I go to a gym class every day and have done so for about 18 months about a month ago I did spinning in the morning, by the late afternoon I had a bit of lower back pain and went to doc after a few days and he gave me prescription for anti inflammatories. I did not get the prescript as I thought it would go, well it didnt the pain went into by left bottom cheek and then moved to where I thought was my hip and sometimes down the outside of my thigh to my knee, i had this pain constant for over three week and had hot flashes too and the pain is worse when sitting or laying in bed, so got the prescription and took them and reduced exercise to about two classes a week instead of 5 or 6. Last week the pain eased I came off the anti inflammatories and had no pain, so I went to a class on saturday, fine no pain, till sunday eve when my lower back started to hurt, then again after a couple of hours the pain got really bad in the lowest part of my spine this time. that was yesterday. today the pain is there but not as bad.

    Would appreciate some advice.

  • courty

    Thanks, I will keep my fingers crossed.

  • A simple trapped nerve in your neck or lower back would not typically cause all the things you are mentioning you could have a few conditions on top of each other and not one thing causing all the pains.I hope someone can correlate all the symptoms you mention and let you know if it is just one condition or multiple using all the physical examination tests, blood test results, x-rays and MRI scans.

  • courty


    I started with pains behind my knees two years ago. I was told it could be arthritis, went for x rays and blood tests which all came back normal. I started with numb, dead legs with shape feelings of pain down both legs and numb painful right arm with sharp pains. Was refered to a neurologist who tested my reflexes and could not find a problem. I sometimes have a slight pain in my lower back, but no worse than the weakness and pain i feel in both legs and right arm. Been sent to a rheumotologist, who said he thought I had a problem with my back and sent me for physio. I find it painfull to bend down on my knees, the physio thinks this has nothing to do with a posible trapped nerve. I have been to a chiropractor, i do suffer fronm some neck pain, she made it feel better. She started me on exercises, with an exercise ball on my back, i experienced severe pain in my groin for several days, which i now suffer with on and off. I find exercise seems to make the problems worse. I am now waiting for a review appointment and am hoping they will give me an MRI scan. I have been unable to exercise (other than walking) for two years. I feel my muscles are getting weaker but can not brink myself to exercise due to the pain that will follow. Could I have a trapped nerve in my neck and back. i am amitripyline which helps but makes me very tired. I am desperate to get a diagnosis.

  • Hi Steven you can try a chiropractor to get another opinion as to what is causing your pain and treatment options other than stretching.

  • Stevenhigginson

    Hi, I have some pain in the bottom of my back on the right hand side. I experience pain down my right leg from my back through my bum down to my knee (sometimes my ankle). I experience this pain with the most intensity when I am riding my (road) bike. I had physiotherapy which essentially consisted of a stretching programme that hasn’t helped.
    Should I try a chiropractor?

  • dino

    hi, i dont know what i am suffering from. I’m having this sever pain from my lower back on the left till the ankle. I cant sleep at the moment and sitting down eases the pain. The pain is so unberable that at time it’s so irritating which makes me frustrated.

  • HI Mary,has the vascular surgeon who performed the operation said why he
    might be having this pain?

  • Marylizbarry

    my father has severe pain in left thigh and knee had two stents in two weeks ago any comments

  • Danny

    Thanks for your advice Gary, my physio has now referred me to a doctor to see about surgery, but this appointment is 6 weeks away, and he will probably send me for an MRI scan which will probably be another 6-8 weeks. The pain is terrible, do you or anybody else have anymore suggestions for painkillers?

  • Aimee Dell

    hi everyone , Im 17 and recently noticed an irritable pain in my lower back but took no notice , about a month ago i noticed it was becoming increasingly bad so that i couldnt pick things up or cross my legs even sitting normally, ive been told to go get it checked but im thinking it could be a trapped nerve , its extremely painful but wondered if anyone had any problems like this 🙂

  • Hay Shell thanks for your story. With your tongue going numb that could be a much more serious condition as that is a cranial nerve from your brain.Please call the NHS direct helpline now to speak to a nurse and see if they would want you to go to A&E. I wouldn’t want you to have missed a more serious condition.Better to be cautious with what you explained.It could be a vascular condition now which would need immediate care.

  • Shell Martin86

    Hi everybody. I am 24 and am worried about whatever condition I may have at the moment. A year ago I had a severe repetitive strain injury where pain started in my wrist, the spread up my right arm, to my shoulder and then my neck. I was referred to physio immediately and it was thought that the pain was coming from the neck and was a trapped nerve and my upper body was in spasm. Several weeks of physio improved my spasms and I gradually got better and began to be able to use my arm more again as this had been very weak and painful. Now a year later I felt a pop in my upper back 4 weeks ago. Immediately my neck hurt and over the next few days it got worse and worse and spread again, finishing at my right wrist. I have been to my GP 5 times in 4 weeks and have tried all sorts of painkillers. This is now a different GP from last year as I moved. The pain seemed to come to a point where there was a small improvement but then a standstill and no painkillers have been touching this for the last 2 weeks. I was sent for xrays and was told that my cervical spine has been pushed out of alignment because of the severe spasms. I have been to the GP in severe pain and was referred urgently to a Consultant. This was over 2 weeks ago now and my appointment has not came through yet. I was back at the doctors yesterday to be told that it is probably taking so long because of my age, something which upset me as I am alot of pain. Over the last 2 weeks I have also started feeling intense deep pain in my lower right leg, going into my ankle. I mentioned this to my GP who really wasn’t very interested and said he did not know what it was. This pain has only occured on a few nights when I am in bed over the last few weeks, however last night I had a frightening experience where the pain was much more intense in my leg, going into my toes. My right arm felt practically limp and I had to lift it with my other arm it felt so weak. I tried to stand and go to the toilet as my leg felt really strange, and I limped there as I just couldnt get feeling in it to put weight on it. As I was lying, the pain shot into my skull, around my right eye, and my tounge went quite numb and my mouth was extremely dry. This is something that hasn’t happened before, at least not as painful or as frightening as last night. Today my right leg feels very weak, though I can put more weight on it. It is throbbing in my ankle and my neck and shoulder are sore. They usually are, but I just feel everything is getting worse. My right arm is not limp like it felt last night. I am currently taking Naproxen and Co Codomal, I feel that they are not really doing anything but my GP has said to stay on them until I see a Consultant. I have also tried Tramadol, Baclofen and Valium. I am going out of my mind and have not worked for 3 weeks now. Does anybody have any advice. I feel at a brick wall with my GP now. I also thought that leg pain came from a different nerve and was more from lower back? But my lower back is okay so I am confused. Any advice would be much appreciated.

  • Simple solution would be to try McKenzie exercises maybe to see if that relieves any leg pain.They are more specific exercises to help “centralise a disc pain”.Hope you get to the bottom of it soon.

  • It is best to tell your doctor everything in the health history to help confirm a diagnosis.A dead leg feeling is related to nerves.Shooting pain is only one way people might feel a sciatica pain others might say tooth achey pain, blunt ache, numb pain etc…

  • Hi Danny,does sound like a trapped nerve coming from your lower back
    situation.The MRI would see if the disc is bulging or herniated other signs
    would be changes in your muscle reflexes, strength and the pins and needles
    you mentioned could be signs one of the nerves leaving your spine is
    irritated.If you are on any chronic medications have your GP review those to
    see if they could be increasing your pain for example I know people who had
    sciatica pain made worse when they were on certain cholesterol
    tablets.Always good to have a complete health review before the surgery.

  • Danny

    Hi, i’ve been gettin sciatica on off for past 6 years now, and have been able to control it with pain killers, ibruprofen and paracetamol.However for the last 3 months I have been in much more pain, from lower back, backside, outside of calf and ankle not to mention the strong pins and needles. The doctor and hospital have prescribed me various tablets including diclofenac, amitryptalin, codeine and also sent me for physio but I dont seem to be improving and i’m even off work on the sick. THe physio said if things dont improve shortly he will have to refer me for surgery, but I’m not sure what this involves, I have’nt even had an MRI scan yet and the pain is unbearable, Do you think this could be a trapped nerve?

  • Bigwigs

    I have had pain in my lower back for 3 years now and have finally seen a physio who says I am hyper mobile. I don’t know if this is aggravating or causing the problem but I have a dead leg feeling/pain down the underside of my right leg (even though most of the back pain is to the left) and down into my calf. It is unbearable and when I am driving and I am desperate to get up and move around to relieve it. My physio and GP have only asked if I have a shooting pain down my leg before and the dead leg thing seems quite a different thing to me so I have always told them no. I have consequently been told it might be due to anxiety and that it may just be a chronic pain. I don’t think I have anxiety problems but I am concerned I may be being misdiagnosed.

  • jeanette

    I have got a trapped nerve in my back and the pain is going down my right leg all the way to the foot, and it is unbearable in a morning after been in bed when i stand it is really bad it seems to ease after a few hours but the pain never goes when i stretch to reach up for something its bad im unable to have an MRI scan as i have a neuromodular inplant wich is wired to the S3 nerve this machine helps stimulate my bladder and kidneys im on holliday for a month and have had this now for nearly a month and really dont know what to do im taking ibuprofen all the time to try and ease it is there anything you can suggest for me please thank you JEANETTE CANVIN

  • Hi Mully, glad to hear the pain levels are improving. Nerve pain is
    different to other kinds of pains and can take longer to go away completely.
    Nerves don’t heal as fast as muscle unfortunately. Keep an eye on it any
    concerns definitely get your GP’s opinion again. Thanks for your informative

  • mully

    I have recently suffered the agony of a trapped nerve in my lower back mainly on the left side which mimicked kidney problems – however investigations ruled this out. I found that after taking advice from my pharmacist, I asked my GP for a muscle relaxant and was prescribed amitriptylene at night which was marvellous. I slept through the night for the first time in 2 weeks and when I woke up the pain had somewhat subsided, although it did not go fully. I continued with my co-codamol and ibruprofen every 4 hours and this seems to keep on top of the pain whilst the nerves settle again. I am concerned though about the length of time this pain is lasting.

  • Hi Denise, it depends on the type of problem causing your pinched nerve in your back as to what movements would be best for you. Movement is needed to help the body heal and maintain itself especially with back pain. Swimming freestyle technique tends to be a good overall body workout and muscle activation in a non-weight bearing environment. You could also ask your doctor about seeing a rehabilitation specialist to give you prescribed and/or monitored exercise programme specific for your condition. So if you feel your swimming isn’t good then if you are struggling in the water it could be making you feel worse.

  • June Studholme

    l have had a trapped nerve in my back now for 2 months my doc has put me on diclofenac which does help when i am at work i stand for 9 hours at a tlme. my doc said to go swimming 3 times a week, as i am not a good swimmer do you think this will help i am in agony and will try anything but dont want to make it worse. thank you DENISE Bolton.

  • Hi Planet, the source of your pain might be from the a lumbar disc bulge or herniation in your lower back, which is then pinching one of the sciatic nerves in the spine. That is why your GP is sending you for an MRI scan. The major things to watch for if it is worsening is weakness in your foot control (i.e. foot drop) or changes in your bowel or bladder (cauda equina syndrome). This means the pressure is building too much in your spine and needs emergency medical intervention at a hospital.

    Seems pain is your main problem at the moment and that could be made worse with prolonged standing and moving. It would be a call to make between you and your GP I’m afraid as they can examine you and, if need, write a sick note for you for work.

  • Planet

    hi, I am suffering with sciatica, i have had lower back pain for about 2 months, but in the last few days i have suffered worse pains and pins and needles in my leg and foot. When i lie down, my leg feels hot and cold like the feelings come back, but then today every time i stand, my foot goes numb. It seems to rapidly be getting worse daily, and I was just wondering if I should continue my work as a catering supervisor, while im like this, im on my feet for 5 hours a day. I have seen a gp who gave me pain relief and booked into a mri and physio, but i really dont want to go off work. will it cause permanent damage if i dont rest?

  • The only limitation with an MRI is that it is typically down laying on your back.Some hospitals now have standing MRI scanners which have been able to see changes in the discs that laying down MRI scans haven’t. Either way the nerve on the left is irritated so you are getting symptoms down the leg. If you haven’t already then doing a supervised course of rehabilitation exercises to balance your back muscles may help the symptoms. The picture in isolation only tells so much, your movements, and posture might explain more to what is happening to you.

  • Simmshouse

    I had an MRI scan on the 31st August this year having had problems with lower back pain for the last 4 years. In the last year I have had severe lower back pain – hence the scan which shows a bulged disc at L2/3 and a prolapsed disc at L4/5. I did have “dead-leg” pain in my left thigh but this appears to have gone through lots of stretching and core work. My left lower leg, foot and knee has problems that range from pins and needles, numbness, hypersensitivity, pain and lack of feed-back resulting in me limping all the time. I had a Nerve Conduction Study carried out which confirmed that there are nerve problems in my lower leg – I knew that already. My consultant has stated that I should be experiencing these problems on my right leg, not left as the prolapsed disc pushes on the right nerve root. My physio thinks I need an operation to sort it out. I have been on intensice physio and stretching/flexing which helped with the lower back pain but actually made the problem in my left lower leg worse. Going to see consultant again at the end of December – is there anything else I should be asking or pushing for?

  • Hi Terry, sciatica symptoms typically go down the back of the thigh muscle, sometimes below the knee into the calf muscle and ankle area. If the pain is down the front of the thigh then this is not likely sciatica, but could be another nerve called the femoral nerve.
    Their are other sources of the pain other than the nerve as well. So best to find the exact source of pain, if it is a referred pain, from somewhere other than the muscle itself.

  • Terry

    I had sciatica last june, tipical lower back and down the back of left leg , now I have pain in lower back but great pain in right thigh muscel GP has given me same pills is this also sciatica

  • Hi Fiona, there is no sound with the low back pain video above, it just shows you what a herniated lumbar disc looks like. The pain will go away but it just depends how much inflammation there is. I hope some of the tips above help you out. There is also an pain relief ebook another chiropractor has produced for this type of sciatica pain. Hope you get some relief soon.

  • fiona

    I can’t seem to download the video; what does it say? I have lower back pain running down my leg and up to my lower back and it hurts to move and stretch, walk, sit, stand, do anything. I am on pain meds at the moment but they aren’t working as much as the first day. Does this ever go away????

  • MRI scans can look messy with all the information on them. I'm glad you understand your scans a bit more now.

  • DanielYoo

    I am suffering from the same issue. My MRI scan shows images which I couldnt understand a bit but the video is great which helped me understand something. I am undergoing treatment at shoulderkneeorthopedics and feel better now.