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Love My Memory Foam Pillow

Memory foam pillows and memory foam products are all over the place at the moment. What is memory foam and why is it the best pillow for your neck in my opinion? Well visco-elastic (VE) foam pillows otherwise called memory foam pillows are the latest wonder item in sleep technology.

Memory foam companies, like Tempur Pedic, have been making visco-elastic foam products, such as pillows and mattresses, for many years. However, only in the last few years has the popularity of memory foam pillows really increased from a public awareness point. So the memory foam pillow article looks to why you may consider getting a memory foam pillow for yourself.

Why I Use a Memory Foam Pillow

I have been using a memory foam pillow since my chiropractic college days.

Doing lots of studying played havoc on my neck from time to time causing neck ache. So I decided to try out a memory foam pillow to help my neck ache. I believe memory foam pillows are a good product choice for people suffering from chronic headaches/migraines/neck ache/cervical disc problems etc…

Generally though, I believe anyone can benefit from sleeping on a good memory foam pillow.

Your pillow can make up an important part of your sleep comfort. So if you have a good mattress, but a poor supporting feather pillow then you are holding yourself back from a really good nights sleep. So memory foam pillows are good for both those in pain and those wanting a better nights sleep.

Why Chiropractors Like Memory Foam

Chiropractors are great believers in the memory foam types of pillows. You are likely to find your local chiropractor stocking some type of memory foam pillow brand.

So what exactly is memory foam? Well memory foam is a moulded flexible polyurethane foam that has slow recovery after compression characteristic.

You will see most companies advertise a hand imprint on the cover to show the slow moulding recovery properties of a memory foam pillow. This is why chiropractors like these memory foam pillows. The pillows lower the contact pressure on the side of your head and neck when sleeping on the memory foam. This in turn lowers ‘hot spots‘ from occurring at the main contact points like your ears, which, can stop you from tossing and turning so much to relieve the build up of pressure.

Keeping your neck (cervical spine) in a good lordotic curve is another reason why chiropractors like memory foam pillows.

The heavier part of your head will sink in further than the lighter part of your neck so the memory foam will be in uniform contact with your neck to support it better than a normal pillow. Why this is important is to lower abnormal stress build-up on the neck joints (facet joints) when suffering neck ache. This will allow your body a better chance to recover from the days stress on the neck joints by having a restful nights sleep.

There are Disadvantages to Memory Foam Pillows

Most people will never talk about the cons of memory foam pillows. Unfortunately I do feel there are some disadvantages.

A memory foam pillow is temperature sensitive. So when it is in a cold room, like in winter time, the memory foam material tends to harden. Some people have complained about this hardening as the feel the pillow becomes too hard and is uncomfortable to sleep on. However, your head and neck will warm it when in contact with the pillow. Proper memory foam should soften with your natural body heat.

Memory foam pillows are also heavy in weight. A normal memory foam pillow can weigh ±2.9 kg so to travel with it in your plane luggage can be a problem. However, companies like Tempur Pedic in the UK do have different memory foam travel pillow shapes designed to be carried on a plane, train or automobile.

Some Other Advantages of Memory Foam

Memory foam is made of open cells, meaning there is air gaps between the round foam cells. Bugs, like dust mites, do not like living in these open cells.

So you will see memory foam manufacturers, like Tempur Pedic, have claims on there pillows and mattresses claiming to be hygienic pillows compared to normal pillows as they prevent growth of fungus and dust mites. This makes them hypo-allergenic which is good for allergy sufferers.

Memory Foam Pillow Conclusion

So if I believe if you are looking for an ergonomic, orthopaedic, doctor, chiropractor recommended pillow then a memory foam pillow is what you are looking for.

Hope you have a good night sleep.

Image CreditSome rights reserved by Serge Melki
  • Monica Wagner

    More and more people are awakening to the fact that memory foam is a
    cluster of chemicals such as polyurethane and methyl benzene .
    Unfortunately, there are still well intended people out there who
    unknowingly subject themselves to the health risks posed by memory
    foam pillows and mattresses.

    Various reports illustrate the toxic levels of these items and their affect
    on brain development and the nervous system, that is why me and my
    family avoid them.

    We use buckwheat pillows to sleep on and travel with. They are natural,
    supportive and durable. We even grow our own buckwheat from which we
    make pillows and cushion TheBuckwheatProject. You are more than
    welcome to come and stop by 😉

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    agree with you

  • TDW

    Memory foam pillows are a very useful asset to own. I personally urge anyone who does not find sleeping easy to try and purchase one. Ever since I’ve had one, I fall sleep almost within seconds due to its extensive comfort.

  • I would agree with you that just like most things in life we have lots of different things, like pillows, to suit the needs of different people.

  • Discount Bedding Sets

    There is no perfect pillow. Expect that each product has its ups and downs. Anyway thank your for sharing this great review.

  • @ Western Bedding Thanks for the comment. The 'curved' memory foam pillow is a just one of the shapes memory foam pillow manufacturers mould their pillows into. The idea is the curve is meant to support the natural 'lordotic' spinal curve in your neck. This only works laying on your back. The memory foam is the important stuff at the end of the day not always the shape it is in.

  • Western Bedding

    the memory foam will ‘automatically’ adjust your head in the same level of your neck? I saw some infomercials and they got this curve in the middle to set your neck but I think this memory pillow is different…