An Interview with Foot Levelers About Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers

Foot-Levelers-logoAs you may have read previously that Foot Levelers is going to be doing a 2 day seminar at the AECC.

Today you can read my interview with Foot Levelers asking them some frequently asked questions about what they do to improve your footwear support and body with their spinal pelvic satbilizers. Today’s interview is with Jamie Greenawalt, Director of International Business at Foot Levelers.

Q: Would chiropractic patients benefit from custom-made orthotics?

Foot Levelers: I’d like to take a moment here to clarify a couple of terms, so that everyone knows exactly what we’re discussing. “Orthotics” are shoe inserts which are made for the feet only, and only address conditions of the foot and ankle. Foot Levelers creates “Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers.”

Stabilizers are custom-made inserts designed to help chiropractic adjustments hold better by providing postural support, absorbing damaging heel-strike shock, and restoring balance and stability to the entire body – from the feet to the head. Stabilizers are a very beneficial and versatile adjunct to chiropractic care.

When chiropractic patients report lower extremity symptoms, or when their spinal problems are chronic and become worse with standing and walking, chiropractors should always look carefully at the feet and ankles. If not addressed, excessive foot pronation or supination will interfere with chiropractic care. Degenerated joints will magnify the forces transmitted to the spine during normal activities. Identifying those patients who need custom-made, shock-absorbing Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers right from the beginning, and providing the appropriate Stabilizers in the early stages of care, gives chiropractic adjustments the best chance for success.

Q: Should you only wear Stabilizers if you have flat feet?

Foot Levelers: Flat feet is just one of many conditions for which Stabilizer support may be indicated. The list of foot problems helped by Stabilizers would include plantar fascitis – a stress irritation to the elastic tissues running nearly the entire length of the foot – and heel spurs – deposits of calcium on the heel bone. High arches, fat pad degeneration in the heels, and ankle problems are a few more examples where Stabilizers could help restore postural health.

And that’s just the feet! Bear in mind that traumatic or degenerative injuries to knees, hips, the pelvis and spine may all benefit from shock-absorbing Stabilizers – no matter what condition the feet themselves are in.

Q: Would you need to get certain shoes to use Foot Levelers’ Stabilizers?

Foot Levelers: An important point to understand is that Foot Levelers’ Stabilizers are custom-made for an individual’s feet, not for his or her footwear. Stabilizers work with many types and styles of shoes, provided they fit a patient’s feet properly and are posturally supportive.

Improper shoe fit can limit joint movement, constrict circulation, decrease proprioceptive input, and alter gait. Any of these factors will affect the entire kinetic chain into the pelvis and spine. Over the long term the muscles, joints, and connective tissues in the feet can all suffer and undergo degenerative changes. Your patients’ shoes will contribute either to their health and postural balance, or to their misery and health complaints.

Q: How does a standing scan compare to a dynamic walking one?

Foot Levelers: These are two different types of scanning technologies which are designed to capture different types of images in order to create different types of products. They’re really not comparable. Foot Levelers’ Stabilizers are based on an image of the foot – using 16 measurements from this image – in a functional, standing position, which we feel best captures the postural status of the weightbearing foot.

Q: Do you think you can use Stabilizers both for pain relief and prevention?

Foot Levelers: Definitely. Many chiropractic patients are initially seeking relief from pain – usually joint or muscle pain – which is affecting their patterns of everyday life. They can’t go to work, they can’t sleep, they can’t enjoy their favorite recreational activities anymore because of pain. What most of these patients may not realize is that postural imbalances can be the source of their pain. By combining chiropractic adjustments with custom-made Stabilizers, postural balance can be restored and supported throughout the day while the patient is in an upright position, thus eliminating the source of their pain in many cases.

As for prevention, remember that the feet are the foundation of the body. While 99% of all feet are normal at birth, 8% develop troubles by the first year of age, 41% by age 5, and 80% by age 20. By age 40, nearly everyone has a foot condition of some sort.

Many foot conditions eventually contribute to health concerns farther up the body, such as stress fractures, degenerative joint disease and the generalized condition of “back pain.” Therefore, it’s in the best interest of healthy patients to be offered a wellness program which stresses preventative care for normal, healthy feet, in order to prevent foot problems from occurring later in life. With custom-made Stabilizers, an “ounce of prevention” is definitely worth a “pound of cure.”

Q: How long has Foot Levelers been available in the UK?

Foot Levelers: Foot Levelers began in 1952, and its first international sales actually occurred quite early in its history. Since very few chiropractic colleges were located outside the United States and Canada until the last couple of decades, many students came to North America to study and earn their chiropractic degrees. Exposure to American chiropractic office practices led to an introduction to the use of Foot Levelers’ Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers, and the company began receiving orders from England and other countries as students graduated and returned to their respective homelands.

Originally, the only way to order Foot Levelers’ Stabilizers was to ship a foam casting kit across the ocean, have the patient step into it, and then send it back to the company in the U.S. In many instances this was a lengthy process. Today, thanks to the Associate® Platinum digital scanner , the total turnaround time to wherever a chiropractic office is located is considerably faster – on average less than two weeks.

Q: How could I get my feet scanned in the UK to see my arches?

Foot Levelers: Several doctors in the UK own an Associate Platinum scanner, and the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic (AECC) will soon be a recipient of a scanner for use in its clinical training program. We’re very excited by that!

For any chiropractor who is interested in purchasing Foot Levelers products, including the scanner, or who would just like more information about the company, I would urge him or her to call our International Development Department on +1.877.658.9552 or visit our web site: www.FootLevelers.com

  • I contacted Foot Levelers for you. I don’t know if they replied or not directly with you. The best I could suggest is to maybe contact the AECC on 01202 436200 who held the course this weekend and they would be to tell you which UK chiropractors are using the system otherwise the Foot Levelers have a find a professional page you can ask them for someone in your exact area.

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    Where would one go to receive these products? I went to fleet feet and they tried to sell me this plastic orthotic and it didn’t feel right. Sounds as if the “Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers” are the better choice.