Hip Joint Pain Arthography Video

The Hip Joint

The Hip Joint

I came across this hip joint pain x-ray video after reading a blog in Medscape by Dr Paul Goodley today. It is quite interesting to see what happens to the hip joint when it is tractioned (pulled) from the ankle whilst laying on your back. In this x-ray video it is a case of a nine year old boy who has a left hip joint pain that Dr Goodley then wanted to show the difference in hip joint space by the motion video x-ray.

When you see the word arthrography used it means an x-ray examination of a joint that uses a special form of x-ray called fluoroscopy and a contrast material. So when you see the picture at the end you will see all the dye in the hip joint.

Hip Joint Video

The following video is a windows media player file and can be seen by clicking Hip Joint Pain Arthrogram Video

Image Credit: Some rights reserved by sportEX journals

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