Jack Lalanne Quotes: Health Motivation Messages To Live By

Jack Lalanne

Jack Lalanne: Bodybuilding

I think I can confidently say most if us want to achieve better health in our day to day lives and to do so we need regular motivation to keep our energy levels geared towards living a healthy lifestyle.

If you grew up in the UK then you probably haven’t heard of a 1950’s/60’s television and fitness star from Hollywood called, Jack Lalanne the “Godfather of Fitness”. Didn’t he look amazing from his bodybuilding days as you can see in the picture on the right?

I recently came across some archive videos of Jack’s television appearances from the black and white TV days. What he has to say in these old videos is still, I feel, highly applicable to all of us in today’s day and age. Jack was a master motivational speaker about taking care of your mind, body and gut in a simple to perform way, everyday.

So in memory of Jack Lalanne who died on 23 January 2011 aged 96 I thought I would share with you some of his keep it simple stupid principles of health, which he talks about in the videos below. I wanted to share these hoping to motivate you to change your health for the better starting right now.

What Jack Lalanne Said

This is what Jacks says to give you better health. It is so true what Jack says about your current health decisions. Your either going up in health and vitality or declining down the hill.

I have seen this happen. I see it occur in both peoples bodies, with lifestyle diseases like hypertension, obesity, type 2 diabetes, in peoples negative state of minds and their chronic bowel disorders, intolerances and allergens. Practicing daily  positive psychology techniques like mindfulness training would do you a lot of good for both the world and your general health. I have mentioned how your brain can cause inflammation when talking about psychoneuroendocrinology.

Jack Lalanne’s 10 Point Action Plan to Better Health

The Jack Lalanne 10 point self-improvement plan is interesting and so simple:

  1. Exercise – move everyday and it doesn’t have to gym exercises it could be easy like Straighten Up UK
  2. Nutrition – food is medicine and your nutrition decision can affect your health
  3. Positive Thinking – Try remember the positive things in life not just the negative
  4. Good Habits – Make these positive health changes a habit that becomes automatic
  5. Grooming – Taking care of your external appearance shows confidence and pride in yourself
  6. Smile – Smiling can change the way you feel and how others see you
  7. Posture – A better body language like more optimal posture shows strength and confidence in yourself
  8. Help Others – One of the levels of achieving happiness is to help others
  9. Relaxation – Practice meditation or enjoy quiet time to release anxiety
  10. Faith – Believing in something gives your life purpose and goals to achieve

If you want to watch and learn a ton more Jack Lalanne health wisdom pearls about improving your mind, improving your body movement and posture and improving your thoughts I have a massive playlist of his TV appearances in the video playlist from youtube below:

The Bottom Line

I got to ask you: “Are you going to give the Jack Lalanne 10 point self-improvement plan a go for a week and see if it makes a difference to how you feel about life and your health?” I hope this stuff helps to motivate you to be a better person for yourself first and then those around you. To learn more about Jack check out his official Jack Lalanne website. Thank-you Jack for your eternal words of wisdom.