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Spinal Awareness Week 2015: Move Better – Live Better

It is coming to that time of year for the annual Chiropractic promotional event from the United Chiropractic Association titled: Spinal Awareness Week 2015 | Move Better – Live Better

Spinal Awareness Week runs 11 - 15 May in 2015 by the United Chiropractic Association

Official UCA Statement

Spinal Awareness Week is a national initiative from the United Chiropractic Association and will be held every May. The theme for this year’s Spinal Awareness Week 11th – 15th May is:
‘Move Better-Live Better’

Through Spinal Awareness Week we plan to educate and encourage people to introduce changes to their lifestyle that will allow them to Move Better and ultimately Live Better. Chiropractors acknowledge that the elderly population in the UK is increasing and through Chiropractic care and advice can not only improve the independence and quality of life of the elderly but also reduce the financial burden on an already stretched NHS. Chiropractors have much to offer this rapidly expanding demographic group, not the least of which is maintenance of spinal flexibility, improving posture and balance.

One of the leading causes of death in the elderly is falling, nearly one in three elderly adults falls every year with approximately 35% being hospitalised as a direct result of their fall. These tragedies could be prevented through proper postural corrections that have shown to improve balance.

During Spinal Awareness Week, UCA chiropractors will be offering health promotion and wellness advice for older adults seeking to maintain and improve mental and physical fitness. As you age, positive attitudes about lifestyle changes can vastly improve your quality of life. UCA Chiropractors will be giving screenings and health talks as well as offering advice on improving mobility, flexibility and fall prevention.

Our objective is to ‘Make Health Last’ and through chiropractic adjustments, exercise and diet advice, Chiropractors can have a huge effect on the health of not just our ageing population but everyone.

Source: Taken from 23 March 2015

Collection of Event Marketing Posters

Click on the slideshow below to see pictures of the posters used to promote the event in Chiropractors’ clinics and marketing channels.

Watch the Official Video

Click on the YouTube video below to see the beautifully created video highlighting staying strong as we age.


Doctored: New Pro-Chiropractic Documentary

Doctored the Movie

You Might Need More Than an Apple to Keep the Doctor Away

There is a new health documentary launched recently in 2012 called Doctored. I first heard of the making of this pro-Chiropractic film I think at the end of last year or definitely the beginning of this year. What is really cool is that there is a limited time you can watch the entire movie free online.

At they teamed up with the movie producers to let anyone see the full length documentary for free in the link I’ll provide below. You’d better hurry as apparently it will close on 17 November 2012. It is an inspiring health documentary on the benefits of natural healing without excess drugs or surgery. The film also mentions some of the history of Chiropractic with the famous Wilk vs American Medical Association court case from 1976 to 1987. Probably many patients don’t know that the American Medical Association at the time had a committee whose task it was to eliminate the Chiropractic profession. Continue reading

Being a Chiropractor is a Top Job in 2012


Time for a Career in Chiropractic

It is that time of year again for the Wall Street Journal article on the top jobs for 2012 and guess what, being a chiropractor made the top 100 jobs again.

This year again being a doing Chiropractic as a career has improved in the position from number 56 in 2010, number 32 in 2011 to now number 19 in 2012. It looks like the average mid-level chiropractor salary is now $67,350.00, according to comcast research. You can find out how to a study to become a chiropractor in the UK or if you want to I have a list of where to study Chiropractic in America I have a list of some of the different US Chiropractic colleges on the top job for 2010 page. Continue reading

23 and a Half Hours Disease Cured in 30 minutes

Want to know what is one of the most effective treatments to keep you healthy, to reduce your risk of chronic lifestyle diseases and takes up to 30 minutes per day to perform? I know you want to know what is this miracle cure for our bodies is. The best thing is this treatment is free and can be done anywhere in the world.

To see what I’m talking about today watch the video below from Dr Mike Evans to see what could change your life today forever. Continue reading

Powerful Photo About Healthy Versus Skinny


Skinny is Not Sexy, Health Is

I came across this photo about health versus just dieting on the latest hit social website, Pinterest.

What I like about it is the major point that looking good to others or yourself should not just be a focus on your actual weight. The focus should be on a healthy weight.

This model for Nike here looks amazing! She doesn’t look gaunt, she doesn’t look weak, she doesn’t look like she could break a bone easily, her body tone is not excessive in any way or form.

It is a good advert for Nike saying use our stuff to get healthy and look like her.

Coming back to the main point though when we aim to achieve a balanced healthy lifestyle I think if we could have enough energy for our days, enough strength to play randomly and carry our bodies in a strong posture effortlessly we are getting there. This is also what Jack Lalanne said in his motivational videos.

I know this photo reminded me today to watch my food type choices and to want to be able to have a body I can move easily and do what I want to do on this earth.

Image Credit: Pinned by RC Ramo Cola

How to Give a Vitamin B Injection Properly

Have you ever had a Vitamin B injection in your bum cheek? Recently I came across a person who was wondering why they had such a pain in their left buttock. What made this case interesting was they didn’t link the intra-muscular (IM) injection to their current pain in the butt. He had the injection to help boost his energy for the start of the year.

If you want to know how your doctor, nurse, you or a loved one should give a gluteal intra-muscular injection then you can watch the video below. Continue reading

Brian Lima “The Chiropractor” Rugby Tackles

Rugby World Cup of 2011 in New Zealand started today and being in the rugby zone I thought I’d remind of you Brian Lima “The Chiropractor”. Brian was nicknamed the chiropractor for his hard tackles. It is said when Brian Lima rugby tackled your he hit you so hard it would click all your bones like going to a chiropractor. Don’t worry seeing a chiropractor for the first time wouldn’t be like getting rugby tackled from Brian Lima 🙂 Continue reading

Row For Life 2011 Charity Challenge

You may not know this, but 10 Brits will be rowing 1 million metres non-stop to raise funds for charity this year. The Row for Life team of 2011 will be attempting to set a new British record by achieving this monstrous feat. This years rowing team is lead by Isle of Wight chiropractor, Martin Scotcher.

Martin is a specific McTimoney chiropractor and also a veteran of the last two row for life events in 2009 and 2010 which have always raised funds for the Africa Childrens Development Trust (Registered charity no:1125815). Continue reading

When Pain Becomes a Disease – Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain

Waiting for Chronic Pain To End

Chronic pain is a problem for many people unfortunately in the world. Chronic pain can be anywhere in the body and you may have heard, for example, or you might be experiencing a chronic neck pain or chronic low back pain.

So what exactly is meant by chronic pain and why does chronic pain occur in our lower backs or necks? I came across a great video today from US paediatric anaesthetist, Dr Elliot Krane, on what chronic pain is in simple terms and diagrams and why pain can become the disease and not just the symptom of a say a neck injury. Continue reading

How To Stretch & Exercise on an Airplane Flight

Economy Airline Seat

The Economy Seat 🙁

I have just recently done a 11 hour long-haul airplane flight, which was so uncomfortable for my back. It got me thinking about an exercise and stretch routine to do on a plane flight. I usually get up and move about on the long-haul flights, but this time I had to sit in the middle row and did not have an aisle seat. This meant I didn’t get up as much to walk and stretch in the back of the plane.

So I went hunting on the internet to see if I could find any tips or videos to show me an exercise and stretch routine I could practice on my next airline trip, which happens to be in a weeks time. I think I have found some really cool stretch videos both for those in a cramped seat and those lucky enough to have lots of leg room up the front of the plane. I thought I’d also include my personal 10 tips to make a flight that little bit better. Continue reading

How Long You Had Pain Poll?


I thought I’d asked this question how long people visiting the chiropractic health blog have had pain since pain relief articles on ChiroCentre seem to be popular reads. I was right because it was the most popular poll to date. At the end of March 2011 the majority of people had said their pain had only be around less than a week. There were people saying they had been in pain for years. Continue reading

Rugby Tricks and Skills: Rugby World Cup 2011

rugby tricks and skillsIt is that time again for Rugby World Cup 2011. I love rugby and came across some cool rugby tricks and skills videos. The world cup of rugby union will be held in New Zealand this time and the build up and taunting has begun.

The All Blacks have started by releasing a video with Sky Sports New Zealand to promote the All Blacks skill competition. In the spirit of rugby the Australian Brumbies team responded to the New Zealand All Blacks tricks video with one of their own. I’d love to see each team in the rugby world cup 2011 response to the rugby tricks videos. Let the games begin. Continue reading


Plantar Fasciitis: Pain in Foot

Plantar Fasciitis

Pain in Your Foot?

Plantar fasciitis is a cause for pain in the foot. Plantar what you may say? Plantar fasciitis affects many patients who have been walking or running incorrectly for a while. They don’t know why their foot, ankle or heel is so sore and especially first thing in the morning. You might even think you have a trapped nerve in your foot or heel, but it is not.

Today I thought I would share some information I found on how to fix plantar fasciitis. There are may options available and I want to look at orthotics for your shoes, taping, soft tissue techniques and exercise stretches that you can do to help your painful feet. Oh and yes I know you probably thought fasciitis was spelt with one “i”, but there are supposed to be to “i’s” it is not a typo. Continue reading

What Are Your Favourite iPhone Health Apps?

Medical Apps

Medical Apps

I must admit I do like my iphone and I do like the apps that you can download on the phone from itunes. Well of course I have an interest in the iphone’s healthcare, fitness and medical application categories. So over time I have downloaded some free apps and some paid for apps. Some apps are good and some ok.

So it got me wondering how can I find some of the best iphone health apps out there? So I thought I’d ask you “What’s are your favourite iphone health apps“? Continue reading


Women’s Handbag Health Concern

Weight of Women Handbag

What is in a Women’s Handbag

I recently came across this video with Dr Oz of Oprah Winfrey TV show fame talking about handbag weights on women’s health. Dr Oz quoted a survey study done by the American Chiropractic Association on the weight ladies carry in their handbags. In the UK a similar research study has been done by department store, Debenhams.

See what Dr Oz says about the weight of a woman’s handbag and how she carries it can affect her back in his show “Handbag Hazards”. Also find out what the average weight of a UK woman’s handbag is and how it has changed over the years by 100%. Continue reading

World Health Day 2010

World Health Day 2010 starts today 7 April and runs till 11 April 2010. This years World Health Day theme is “1000 cities, 1000 lives”. The aim of this year health day are:

  1. 1000 cities: to open up public spaces to health, whether it be activities in parks, town hall meetings, clean-up campaigns, or closing off portions of streets to motorized vehicles.
  2. 1000 lives: to collect 1000 stories of urban health champions who have taken action and had a significant impact on health in their cities. Continue reading

UK Chiropractic Marketing Survey 2009 by the GCC

Public Awareness of Chiropractic

Public Awareness of Chiropractic

A new Chiropractic marketing survey was released recently in 2009. Do you think you could answer these questions about your awareness of Chiropractic recently surveyed for by the General Chiropractic Council.

For me it was interesting to read the recent survey on the public awareness of the UK chiropractic profession. Some of the questions asked were “Do you know about what chiropractors do?” and “Were you aware of what chiropractors do before today?”. The UK market research group IPSOS-MORI was used to conduct the 2009 study and the same study in 2004. The market research group found encouraging results for the Chiropractic profession. IPSOS-MORI got to compare public chiropractic awareness and perceptions figures for the first time over a 5 year period. So what were some of their findings on the UK public’s ability to know what a chiropractor is and does. You can find out more below. Continue reading


AC Milan Sports Injuries Clinic – Milan Lab

David Beckham AC Milan Lab

Last nights European Champions League football game between England’s Manchester United and Italy’s AC Milan was amazing. The Manchester Milan game has been the talk of the week on all the news stations and British newspapers. Manchester ended beating Milan in last nights European champions league game (10 March 2010) 4-0.

Some of the biggest focus of the night was Milan footballer and ex-Manchester star, David Beckham. Beckham is now 34 years-old and playing between Italy for AC Milan and the USA for Major League Soccer team LA Galaxy. David Beckham is one of the football players who is under the medical supervision of world renowned sport injuries clinic, the Milan Lab. Continue reading


How to do the Barefoot Running Technique

Barefoot Running Technique

Lets go Running

Have you been thinking about your running or jogging training technique and heard about the barefoot running technique. Well you may or may not have heard some people at the running club mention these barefoot running shoes called vibram five fingers that let you run in a barefoot style.

Barefoot running was recently studied by Lieberman et al. in his 28 January 2010 barefoot running paper for Nature “Foot Strike Patterns & Collision Forces in Habitually Barefoot versus Shod Runners”You will be amazed at how different we run when we run barefoot compared to wearing shoes. Lieberman calls shoe runners ‘shod runners’. Continue reading