Foot Levelers CPD Course: AECC Nov 2010


Foot Levelers CPD Course

I was excited to see today that Foot Levelers are going to be doing a course at the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic in Bournemouth in November.

You may remember how I wear custom-made orthotics in my shoes everyday which are made by Foot Levelers. So knowing that Foot Levelers are finally going to be in the UK I think is great for both for UK chiropractors and their patients. If there are any chiropractors who have been thinking about adding foot scans to their clinic in assessing and helping patients then I can highly recommend the Associate Platinum scanner made by Foot Levelers and their custom made orthotics they call spinal pelvic stabilizers.

Foot Levelers AECC Course

The course is called “Silent Obstructions to Optimal Performance” at the AECC and will be held on the 13th and 14th of November 2010. It is a CPD course for 12 hours and is aimed at chiropractors and osteopaths. You can read more on the CPD course and how to register using the form below.

I have had the pleasure of meeting the speaker, doctor of chiropractic, Brian Jensen and listening to him lecture before. Brian is a great speaker and chiropractors/osteopaths will gain some pearls of wisdom to use in practice from him I’m sure.

If you are keen on getting your feet scanned in the UK to see your arches then at the moment you can contact Foot Levelers directly via email at or call them in the US on +18776589552

Image Credit: Some rights reserved by lethaargic