Poor Posture is a Problem: A Day In The Life Of Your Spine

Poor Posture

Poor Posture Getting You Down

Have you ever thought your posture might be causing you a back problem? I came across a funny but thought-provoking video with the eye-catching title “A Day In The Life Of a Human Spine“.

The reason I liked this particular video is because it addresses the common question I get as a chiropractor: “Does my posture have anything to do with my back pain?“. Well the answer is yes! I think everyone knows how a bad posture can cause back or neck pain at some stage. Neck pain or backache for most people is either caused by poor posture development or a bad posture habit we learn from sitting too long. This all eventually leads to a problem in your nerves, muscles or skeletal system.

Day In The Life Of A Spine

The following video helps illustrate, in a funny and slightly exaggerated way, how you could be ‘abusing’ your natural spinal curves everyday without realizing it.

Simple things can have a positive or negative action on your health. Look in the mirror at your posture today. Do you see how you need to move to change your health? Yes, poor posture creates health problems.

The speaker in this video is US based chiropractor, C.J Mertz. The message C.J is trying to get across is:

Think about your daily actions and how this could be affecting your health.

His spine example had an increased neck and middle back curve, flat lower back curve, was mentally stressed and not exercising. Sound like someone you know? This is what Jack Lalanne health motivation message to the world was in the 1950’s already.

He mentioned subluxations at the end of the video. This a term many American chiropractors use to explain a movement problem between two vertebrae basically. You may have heard your UK chiropractor mention fixations or a spinal segmental unit dysfunction.

What your chiropractor is trying to explain is that your body is not moving properly. This is then having a knock on effect either on the bone, muscle or nerves.

So while you’re sitting reading this article take note if you are slumping, have a pain between your shoulder blades, have rounded shoulders, a flat lower back arch, or how far is your head out in front of your spine? These are all signs of bad posture.

You do not want these bad postures to become a daily routine. If you do then you are allowing your body to be, as Jeffrey Spencer Lance Armstrong’s chiropractor would say, not in an “energy efficient, strain free motion“.

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Did you enjoy the “Day In the Life of a Human Spine Video“? Has it made you think of your posture and movements?

Image Credit: Some rights reserved by BenjaminThompson