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Have you been thinking about how to become a chiropractor in the UK? Do you want to know how to get a Chiropractic degree? First of all well done! Being a chiropractor for me has definitely been a very rewarding profession and occupation, I would definitely recommend it.

In the UK there are currently three chiropractic eduction institutions. These are the only three places at which you can study to become a chiropractor. I will let you know how long do you need to train to become a chiropractor, what course studies or points do you need to become a chiropractor and roughly how much can you earn being a UK chiropractor? Motivated, good, now read on to find out more on you will eventually be learning movement medicine.

Why Be A Chiropractor?

Chiropractic is one of the most popularly used forms of manual therapy.

That line is according to the WHO report on chiropractic in 2005. So people want to consult with a chiropractor for their aches and pains.

How Long do You Need to Train?

If you have the correct requirements to enter directly without any pre-qualification needed then it should take about 4 years full-time studying a chiropractic degree.

If you don’t have enough points then sometimes undergraduate courses may be needed to enter the Chiropractic degree course. You can check with each university how you need to qualify.

UK Student Requirements

You can also find the typical UCAS entry requirements for the chiropractic degree below:

  • Usually require at least three A levels/four H grades,
  • Usually biology and another science, normally chemistry.
  • GCSEs/S grades (A-C/1-3) may be required in English and maths.
  • Equivalent qualifications, such as relevant BTEC national awards, AVCEs (Advanced Vocational Certificates in Education) and GSVQs level III are considered, either on their own or in combination with A levels/H grades.
  • UCAS tariff: 300 points minimum, with at least 280 points from full A-level passes (including biology and another science, normally chemistry, and excluding general studies). Equivalent qualifications are also acceptable.
  • There are preliminary chiropractic courses for applicants who do not have the usual entry qualifications. Applicants must satisfy institutions that they are capable of progressing to the degree course.
  • The minimum age to start training is 18.

Foreign Student Requirements

You will need to be able to show that your high school graduating marks are the equivalent to the A levels in the UK.

You will also need to speak English. If English is not your home language, then you will also need to show evidence that you can speak, read and write in English language to a satisfactory level.

Mature UK Students Acceptance

Mature students in the UK can also apply to study the Chiropractic course. Typically if you have an existing degree or other studies your application will be considered with those points.

Chiropractic Course Subjects Outline

Below you can see what a typical chiropractic degree course outline of the subjects you would study on the course to becoming a chiropractor.

The first pdf is from the University of Glamorgan course and gives you the latest breakdown in UCAS points and subject course outline.

  • Matt

    Hi Olivia,
    There are alternative, acceptable A-level equivalent qualifications for entry into the MChiro programme. You may wish to consider completing either a BTEC Extended DIploma in a relevant subject, or an Access to Higher Education Diploma in a relevant subject. Depending on the grades achieved, both of these qualifications would gain you entry onto the MChiro programme.
    Best wishes
    Admissions Manager, AECC

  • Olivia

    Is it possible to study Chiropractic without A Levels? Is there an alternative route to take? I left midway through Sixth Form, not because I wasn’t suited to academia, but for health reasons.


  • AECC

    At the AECC applicants for the BSc/MSc Chiropractic programme from a
    non-English speaking country would be required to provide a satisfactory score
    in a recognised English language test. For the English Language test
    requirement, we accept both the TOEFL,, and the IELTS,,
    tests. Please see the respective websites for information on dates and
    the nearest test centres.
    Our standard requirement for the Internet-based TOEFL test for
    entry onto the BSc Human Sciences / MSc Chiropractic programme is an overall
    score of 80 with a minimum of 15 in each sub test (Reading, Writing, Listening,
    Our standard requirement for the IELTS test for entry onto the
    BSc Human Sciences / MSc Chiropractic programme is a 6.0 in the Academic Stream
    with a minimum of 5.5 in each sub test (Reading, Listening, Writing, Speaking).
    Should you require any further assistance. please feel free to give Registry a call on +44 (0) 1202 436502. Many thanks

  • Eric

    I want to study chiropractic but I am afraid that my English gradels will affect my overall grading, does that have any negative effect upon my applications?

  • GaryK

    Chiropractic does look at trying to treat using non-surgical methods and avoiding excessive drug use. Allowing the body to heal itself I think is the best way to go.

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