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Here I try help you to find a chiropractor or Chiropractic clinic in your local area around the UK. This is a directory of different places to get chiro treatment that includes the contact details like a telephone number, email address, physical address and Google map for directions.


List of Chiropractors in Edinburgh

chiropractor in EdinburghChiropractic treatment has been available in the capital city of Scotland, Edinburgh, for a very long time. In fact, did you know that Edinburgh has one of the oldest chiropractic clinics in the UK and even Europe right in the heart of the city centre? That clinic is the Wight Chiropractic Clinic who have been providing the lively Dunediner people back pain and neck pain treatment since 1924.

In today’s article I will help you find a chiropractor in Edinburgh local to you and some general tourist or visitor information about Edinburgh in Scotland. Continue reading

ChiroClinic: Chiropractor in Fourways Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa

Chiropractor Fourways

If you are looking for a chiropractor in Fourways then here are the contact details of a ChiroClinic in the South African postal code area of 2191.

Below you will find the contact details of the Chiropractic clinic. You can also use the interactive Google map with the option to view the street view in order to get directions and see the front of ChiroClinic. The local map is also useful tool to help you find you way around the beautiful suburb of Fourways of the city of Johannesburg in South Africa.

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One Chiropractor Raising ₤10000 for Charity Research


Bournemouth Chiropractor George Rix Raising Charity Funds

George Rix is a Bournemouth chiropractor on the move to get things done, literally, by walking 620km. George decided that he needed to do something to raise much needed funds to buy equipment needed to further Chiropractic research studies for Chiropractic in the neurology field. So it was decided something different had to be done, like walking 620km from Lands End to the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic (AECC) campus in Bournemouth, Dorset.

George’s sponsored ramble will be along the English coastlines of Cornwall, Devon and parts of Dorset. This massive 620km walk is, again, all in the hope of raising £10,000 to buy some much needed equipment for essential chiropractic related clinical research in the field of neurology and clinical neuroscience that will be undertaken at the charity registered (Charity Registration No. 306289) AECC. The charity walk, which George has just started, will be about six weeks walking throughout August and into September. Continue reading


List of International and US Chiropractors To Follow on Twitter

Chiropractors on TwitterI created the UK Chiropractic Twitter List so I thought I would also create a list of all the other International & US Chiropractors on Twitter.

Chiropractors around the world can use the social media for networking opportunities. Web 2.0 properties, like Twitter, help them connect with others in their town, county, state or the rest of the world. If you don’t already know yet Twitter is a social media service you can use on a desktop, laptop, tablet PC or smartphone app that allows someone to tell (tweet) you what they are doing/reading in 140 characters only. Continue reading

List of Irish and UK Chiropractors To Follow on Twitter

UK Chiropractors to Follow on Twitter

UK Chiropractors on Twitter

The world is becoming more inter-connected in so many ways. People are using new and varied forms of technology to help get word of mouth referrals for professional medical or healthcare services like Chiropractic. Twitter is one of those electronic ways of using social media to help chiropractors to connect with their existing patients and new patient referrals.

What is Twitter? Well if you didn’t already know yet it is a social media service that allows someone to tell you/share with you what they are doing/reading/thinking/seeing in only 140 characters. In a way it is like a mini blog/website.

How many UK Doctors of Chiropractic (DC’s) use Twitter? How do you find one on Twitter?With those thoughts I created a list of practitioners and clinics/centres who use this social media tool to network and connect with their patients, local businesses and others around the world. I have created a Twitter list of all the relevant people I have found who you can follow on Twitter. Continue reading

Chiropractor Near Chiswick & Hammersmith in West London

ActiveBacks clinic logo

If you are looking for a chiropractor near Chiswick and Hammersmith in West London then here are the contact details of ActiveBacks Clinic in the postcode area of W6.

Below you will find the contact details of the clinic and a summary of different services available.

You can also use the interactive Google map with the option to view the street view in order to get directions and see what the front of the chiropractic clinic looks like for your reference. The local map is also useful tool to help you find you way around Chiswick and Hammersmith which are beautiful suburbs of West London in the London Borough of Hounslow, UK.

Chiropractor at ActiveBacks Clinic

Clinic Contact Details:

Principle Chiropractor: Chiropractor Andrew Martin
Telephone Number: (020) 8400 1996
Phyisical Address: 330 King Street, Hammersmith, London, England, UK, W6 0RR

More About The Chiswick Chiropractor at W4 1RX

Streetview of ActiveBacks clinic in London


Located between Chiswick and Hammersmith, London, UK the ActiveBacks Clinic provides chiropractic treatment for traditional chiropractic conditions like, lower back ache and pains or neck ache relief.

Andrew Martin, the principle chiropractor at the clinic, has also done post-graduate training in the Active Release Technique® used for helping sports injury and athletic performance. Andrew is also lectured and taught other the ART technique certified courses around Europe. Using the Active Release Technique® Andrew has treated professional athletes at major sporting events around the world like, the World Final Kona Ironman tournament in Hawaii and CrossFit games in the USA.

Matthew Martin, the principle osteopath at the clinic, has also done post-graduate training in Active Release Technique and is full body certified in the technique.

The clinic has helped many regular Londoners and some famous ones too. Professional rugby player Gave Henson, TV personality Sir Tony Robinson & the Oxford rowing boat crew have all given their positive testimonials on the services provided by the ActiveBack clinic practitioners.

So if you are thinking about seeing a chiropractor near Hammersmith or Chiswick in London, England or have any other chiropractic questions then why not contact reception at ActiveBacks Clinic today.