5 Tips for Creating Good Posture in Teenagers

poor posture in adolescent

How to Improve Your Posture

Today I have a guest post about why teenagers need to make sure they have good posture and 5 tips on how to do that.

I have talked about in the past about how we can continuously abuse the natural spinal curves with bad posture and end up diagnosed with the 23 and 1/2 hour disease. Doing the opposite by trying to take care of how you’re sitting, standing and moving is not only important to how better you look but also your general nerve, muscle and joint health in the long-term.

Below Micheala will explain 5 simple posture exercise and handy tips for a teenager who could be in that poor posture stage and you are worried about them developing a hunch back or scoliosis looking spine. I like to say to patients posture is a sign of how your nervous system is feeling. You don’t see confident, happy people walking around with a slouched back and bad posture instead they look strong and a ‘perfect posture’ position. So your posture is important. Continue reading

How to Request Access to Health Records from the NHS

Health Records on the NHS

Access to Your Old Health Notes on the NHS

Today I have a guest post talking about a recent BBC new story where a man was going to be charged £2,000 to obtain old health records from the NHS. I hadn’t come across this problem before so it was interesting for me to find out: what happens in a situation like this now, does a NHS patient have to pay so much money to get access to their doctors notes and test results?

You can guess that no, £2,000 is not the normal fee to be charged for access to your old health files. Find out the answer below. If you have ever tried to get access to your old blood tests, MRI scan results from the NHS? Did you find it hard to get copies of them if you did? Let me know in a comment below. Continue reading


Doctored: New Pro-Chiropractic Documentary

Doctored the Movie

You Might Need More Than an Apple to Keep the Doctor Away

There is a new health documentary launched recently in 2012 called Doctored. I first heard of the making of this pro-Chiropractic film I think at the end of last year or definitely the beginning of this year. What is really cool is that there is a limited time you can watch the entire movie free online.

At mercola.com they teamed up with the movie producers to let anyone see the full length documentary for free in the link I’ll provide below. You’d better hurry as apparently it will close on 17 November 2012. It is an inspiring health documentary on the benefits of natural healing without excess drugs or surgery. The film also mentions some of the history of Chiropractic with the famous Wilk et.al vs American Medical Association court case from 1976 to 1987. Probably many patients don’t know that the American Medical Association at the time had a committee whose task it was to eliminate the Chiropractic profession. Continue reading


Magnesium Supplements: The Amazing Mineral for Your Nerves

Magnesium Supplements

Essential Magnesium

Have you ever thought of taking magnesium (Mg) supplements to help with  healing your nerves? I’m currently on a quest to do self-experimentation using different natural supplements. My aim is for an improved nervous system and I must say, my magnesium is definitely working. [Update Oct 2016: I use this every day myself now as I feel the benefits]

Working long hours in a clinic, family life with a one year-old and other business commitments has taken a toll on me this past year. I was feeling fatigued and not my normal self. I knew it is time to try find a solution so that I can still do what I need to do in my normal day.

Having recently done so much reading, listening to various health podcasts, and experimenting with a low-carb high-fat diet I have had a quick crash course in nutrition both mentally and physically. Today I want to tell you why I think you need to consider taking magnesium everyday in order to have a happier brain and nerves. Continue reading

EXSTORE-dinary: Fast Assessment and Treatment System for Muscle, Bone and Nerves

Chiropractor Anthony Lombardi from Hamilton, BC, Canada

Chiropractor Anthony Lombardi

If you have enjoyed the previous articles about EXSTORE the assessment and treatment system from Doctor of Chiropractic, Dr Anthony Lombardi, now you get to try it out. Today Anthony has some more information he would like to share about how he believes medical doctors, chiropractors, physiotherapists, osteopaths, occupational therapists and probably any healthcare professional could benefit from this standardised system for diagnosing and treating a patients pain.

In the article below Anthony explains in a lot more detail about: what is EXSTORE, how it actually works, how different professions can integrate it into their practices and finally how much taxpayers money could be saved. I see it all the time where a patient sees a GP for a back or neck pain and doesn’t get it resolved quickly. Remember in the UK on the NHS a GP consultation is on average 13 minutes. They have limited time and so can only prescribe medication and refer to other healthcare practitioners. Their job is not to use hands on care. I feel some GP’s feel obliged to send a patient for x-rays when most of the time it is not going to change the treatment plan anyway. I hope this EXSTORE (from examine+restore) system would give medical doctors confidence in not needing an x-ray for biomechanical back pain.

Continue reading

2012 Research: Predictive Factors For Poor Outcome With Sciatica

Predicting Sciatica Outcomes

Sciatica Relief: Looking Into Your Future

I have just finished reading some hot off the press research on sciatica leg pain and low back pain out of Norway. In this study the researchers were trying to see what things they could see could cause a patient with lower back pain and sciatica to not respond well.

The authors came up with some pointers to consider if someone is suffering this trapped nerve in the leg condition. What was also interesting is that back surgery did not have an amazing success rate as they had expected it might. If you or a loved one has a trapped nerve in their back going down the back of the leg, maybe to the foot, you’ll probably like to read this article. Continue reading

Mercury Amalgams: Should You Get Rid of Those Silver Fillings?

Silver Amalgams In My Mouth

Mercury Amalgams: Stay or Go?

Have you ever wondered should you remove those old mercury fillings in your mouth? I watched a 2008 documentary movie called “The Beautiful Truth” the other night where I got to see for the first time ever what happens when you scratch old silver fillings in teeth. Holy cow, I never realised that I could have smoking teeth!

I needed to do some online research around this health debate of changing old mercury amalgams to newer white composite fillings. I wanted to read about the pros and cons, then see some videos about this debate to hopefully help me make a decision. I wanted to know if I should take the time to find a dentist who will change my years old silver fillings for the supposedly healthier white fillings. I hope you’ll enjoy some what I have to show you that I found. I’m definitely worried about my health now after seeing my search results. The videos right at the end are fascinating to see instant differences in someone when they find a problem tooth. Continue reading

Some Basic Benefits of Sports Massage

Person on a Massage Table

Massage Time

Today I have a guest post mentioning some of the basic benefits you can get from having a sports massage. Freedom Clinics is UK group who provide various healthcare modalities like osteopathy, chiropractic, sports massage, physiotherapy, acupuncture and kinesio taping.

There are various types of massage techniques around used by massage therapists to treat muscle tension. Most patients I have seen prefer having the sports massage treatment instead of a gentle spa like massage. My personal feelings for massage are you get those who like a hard massage and those that like a soft massage. It all depends on how you handle stimulus. Below I have added a video talking a little bit about who could benefit from a sports massage and some links to massage oil of you feel you want a massage after reading this 🙂 Continue reading

3 Breathing Exercises to Calm Yourself During a Panic Attack

panic attack reliefToday I have a guest post about a simple do it yourself solution for treating panic attacks by Ryan Rivera. Ryan has an interest in helping others overcome psychological conditions like anxiety and panic attacks for example.

As you may have seen from my post on psychoneuroimmunology I have a keen interest in learning how to optimise your mind to improve your health and research shows we must. I know this post is headlined for panic attacks, but the advice on how to breathe is useful for anyone who wants to learn how to improve themselves. I have talked a bit about how to become a diaphragm breather and why it is so important. I know so many of you suffer from trapped nerve pain and this is another way to try control the pain levels in your body. Continue reading

The Power of PsychoNeuroImmunology: How To Fix Your Brain Chemistry

Learn how improving your psychoneuroendocrinology will make learn how to make you smile againI know that is a very long word. Psychoneuroimmunolgy, or PNI for short, is also called another long phrase sometimes, psyhconeuroendocrinology (PNE). These confusing long terms are a very interesting field of medicine that you need to actually know about. I just finished listening to a neurosurgeon do a two-day seminar on it and want to tell you what I learnt. Trust me, you REALLY need to know this stuff.

Why I believe you need to know what PNI is because this is you right now. Sitting there reading this article what state is your nervous system? How strong and well controlled is your immune system? Do you have the right amount of hormones floating around your body? Are you unknowingly squirting nasty chemicals called pro-inflammatory cytokines into healthy organs or joints and breaking them down? Want to know how to create a chemistry of wellness in your body? Have I got your attention yet, hopefully 🙂 Continue reading

Did You Know: Sprinter Usain Bolt Uses Chiropractic

Usain Bolt Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractic Has Usain Bolt’s Back 🙂

Today on Facebook a fellow chiropractor shared a picture of Usain Bolt being treated by the Jamaican Athletic teams chiropractor, Michael Douglas. I know there is Chiropractic at the London 2012 Olympic games and that different athletes have their own chiropractor with them at the games.

I didn’t realise that the fastest man in the world and the London 2012 gold sprinting medallist is one of them. It is nice to see fellow chiropractors out there on the sporting field helping professional sportsmen and sportswomen maintain good muscle, joint and nerve health and help address any sport injuries. Continue reading

High Intensity Training: Healthier with 12 Minutes of Exercise Per MONTH

High Intensity Exercise

Quick HIT workout

Yes you read that correctly, you can improve your health status with doing just 12 minutes of high intensity training exercise per month. You may have seen earlier this year the Panaroma TV programme called “The Truth About Exercise” with Dr Michael Mosley. He was experimenting on himself with high intensity training to improve his risk of diabetes. Don’t worry if you missed it I got a video link to a copy you can watch below.

This was such a good programme to watch to get an understanding about the concept of doing less time exercising and improving your health. Today I want to share with you some fascinating videos, reading and thoughts. Not only from the Panorama programme, but from also from medical doctors and biohackers who tout doing this novel type of exercise programme. Continue reading

What is Occupational Therapy: Part 2

Jason Lomond Occupational Therapist Bridgewater Canada

Jason Lomond Occupational Therapist

Hi everyone sorry it has been a long time since posting on the blog so many good things to read which I need to blog at some stage. This is part 2 to the original article written by occupational therapist, Jason Lomond on what is occupational therapy. I will let Jason explain more to you about today’s second article that he has written. Here’s Jason.

In part 1 of this two part series I described the functional and systematic occupational therapy assessment as it relates to dealing with pain and movement dysfunction. Having identified all the factors contributing to the occupational performance issue, this article will review the actual methods used to enable peak performance in everyday activities for those living with pain and movement dysfunction. Continue reading

Strange Story of Tongue Tied Causing Neck Pain: Let Me Explain

Bending Tongue Muscle

Watch Out for the Tongue Tied

Yes you read correctly, this is a case involving a patients tongue causing her chronic neck pain and headaches. I’ve mentioned Canadian doctor of Chiropractic, Anthony Lombardi before on this blog. He is the creator of the EXSTORE system of analyses. Anthony dropped me an email letting me know of an interesting case that had come through his clinic. He knows people here love to know what causes neck pain.

I won’t tell the whole story. I’ll let Anthony tell you in his words exactly what happened and how he discovered the source of this women’s long-term neck pain and headaches. I must admit who would have thought of linking the tongue to neck pain like this. This is the first time I have ever come across a case like this. Enjoy the story and thanks Anthony for sharing. Continue reading

Tyler Twist Exercise: One Simple Tennis Elbow Treatment

Tennis Elbow Pain

Elbow Pain Getting You Down?

Do you have an elbow pain that you’ve been told is possibly tennis elbow?

Your confused though because you don’t play tennis yet your elbow is so sore when you try grip things. Maybe you do play tennis, or even golf, and it is stopping you from playing properly cos of the pain in your elbow.

I stumbled upon probably the easiest and most simple tennis elbow treatment to do. The best part is you can treat your elbow pain yourself at home. The exercise I’m going to let you know more about was published in a research paper in 2010, but you probably haven’t heard of it before.

Today you will learn first what is tennis elbow, the basic anatomy involved. I will let you know what is the typical conservative care and more advanced medical treatment for tennis elbow. Then find out how to do the Timothy Tyler eccentric contraction tennis elbow treatment exercise. Continue reading

Basic Neck Exercises: Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization

Chiropractor Justin Hildebrand

Chiropractor Justin Hildebrand

Today I have a guest post from a chiropractor who will show you how to do neck exercises using concepts from dynamic neuromuscular stabilization. If you have read about the Prague School of Rehabilitation on ChiroCentre before then you’ll know what dynamic neuromuscular stabilization or DNS is about. I love the concept of “regress to progress” in making someone better through movement therapy. This is what DNS looks at doing by breaking down how we move and hold our body postures.

Doctor of Chiropractic, Justin Hildebrand has studied DNS and was willing to show us two very simple neck pain exercises that you can do to reduce strain on the muscles, achey joints or a trapped nerve in the neck and upper back region. He will explain to you where the idea of how to hold and move your neck properly comes from looking at how babies do it. I hope you enjoy the following rehabilitation movements. Continue reading


What is the Exstore Assesment System?

Chiropractor Anthony Lombardi from Hamilton, BC, Canada

Chiropractor Anthony Lombardi

I have a juicy, thought provoking guest post today about The Exstore System from a fellow chiropractor in Canada. This tool is all about his structured way of looking at, assessing and treating patients.

I love systems, they make life easier. When it comes to the human body I believe we develop patterns of compensation which, at times, become painful signalling to the brain, “Hay you know what lets stop this body moving”. You may come in to see your local chiropractor with a low back pain, but why is he looking at my feet, ankles, knees and hips, did he not hear I said the pain is in my lower back? To find out more take a read below to see why the site of pain is not everything. Continue reading

How to Recover from a Hamstring Injury

Hamstring Muscle Injury

How to Treat A Hamstring injury

A hamstring injury is a common sports injury. Maybe you were playing football today and tweaked your hamstring whilst playing. Now it is sore and you want to know why it happened, how to heal a pulled hamstring and how to reduce your risk of getting it as soon as you start playing sport again. Don’t worry you’re not alone there would have been many others who hurt the back of their leg playing a game today.

This article is a follow-up to the previous one I wrote on the most common way you injure your hamstring. In this article I want to give you even more juicy detail. Don’t worry it is all in an easy to digest overview beginning with the anatomy of the hamstring muscle, the worst sports for a hamstring injury, your risk factors and finally 7 tips how to treat a torn hamstring muscle. Continue reading

Eggshell Membrane Supplement: Why It’s Good for Your Joints

Eggshell Membrane Joint Supplement

Yup you read that right, the headline says how taking eggshell membrane supplements can help to reduce your joint ache. People like to ask me if they should be taking health supplements to help with their knee osteoarthritis, hip joint pain, back pain and general joint aches. I believe good nutrition is very important for our overall health and plays a big part in muscle, joint and nerve pain management, as I mentioned in the deflame diet.

Most people know, or have heard about, glucosamine and chondroitin supplements for knee osteoarthritis. I stumbled across how there is a new joint support supplement called BiovaFlex™ which is made up of the natural eggshell membrane (a.k.a NEM). I know I had to find out more, like you want to now know, about “how can taking membrane from an eggshell be good for us?” Continue reading


What is Occupational Therapy?

Jason Lomond Occupational Therapist Bridgewater Canada

Jason Lomond Occupational Therapist

Today is a guest post by Jason Lomond an occupational therapist from Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, Canada. I thought this would be a great opportunity to get to hear what is occupational therapy from an OT himself. Occupation refers to everything that people do during the course of everyday life. So an Occupational Therapist is a regulated health professional that helps you do the activities that you want to do.

I managed to find out about Jason from another Canadian chiropractor who personally recommended Jason. I know a little about the profession of Occupational Therapy so I have been looking forward to hearing more about how OT’s help patients and get involved in the rehabilitation process to better performance. Continue reading