How to do the Barefoot Running Technique

Barefoot Running Technique

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Have you been thinking about your running or jogging training technique and heard about the barefoot running technique. Well you may or may not have heard some people at the running club mention these barefoot running shoes called vibram five fingers that let you run in a barefoot style.

Barefoot running was recently studied by Lieberman et al. in his 28 January 2010 barefoot running paper for Nature “Foot Strike Patterns & Collision Forces in Habitually Barefoot versus Shod Runners”You will be amazed at how different we run when we run barefoot compared to wearing shoes. Lieberman calls shoe runners ‘shod runners’.

So you can watch below the amazing barefoot running videos below. The videos show you the difference between a barefoot running technique and ‘shod’ or shoe running technique.

The biggest difference is not using your heel to hit the ground first. The video using slow motion camera analysis of people treadmill running is fascinating to watch if you are interested in the feet, ankle & knee bio-mechanics. It is claimed that barefoot running can help those runners who suffer repetitive running injuries like shin splints or plantar fasciitis prevent these type of running injuries. Watch the videos below and let me know, would you become a barefoot runner by leaving a comment below.

BareFoot Running the Videos

In the following barefoot running videos you can watch the first video showing in the first a runner doing slow motion barefoot running impact.

In the second & third videos you can see what barefoot running by experienced runners looks like by a Westerner and a Kenyan. In the fourth video you can watch the documentary by Nature.com about the latest paper by Lieberman et al. and hear from Lieberman himself who now runs barefoot.

As an added bonus why not check the final webpage option on tips by the author Lieberman on how to  train yourself to be able to barefoot run.

  • Michael

    Thanks a lot for videos. I am considering to try barefoot running and I found a site called invisibleshoe.com that can help me.

  • Read your the barefoot article Carl and I thought it was great. Interesting about the majority of elite runners not being forefoot runners but heel ones.

  • Carl

    Great post. As the UK’s leading running shoe advice and review website we have written this article on the topic:

    Our conclusion is that running footwear selection is an idividual choice. To suggest that barefoot running is the solution to pain free running for everyone is wrong and exactly the same can be said for wearing running shoes.

  • Sports Injuries

    Having recently visited the sub continent, I have noticed many runners don’t use shoes, and they have less injuries and often run faster. They have made themselves accustomed to running on any surface barefoot, why can’t we do that in the USA or UK for westerners? Simply, because they’re scared of running on the pavement without shoes, the morals say no.

  • Beforeversocial

    Not bad, i'd probably still wear more shoes like the vibram five fingers shoes.. kso's?

  • This is a very interesting article. I had read about these shoes before and it really makes a lot of sense. The famous Kenyan runners seem to prefer running without shoes at all!!